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Town County Church Map
Abbeydore Herefordshire Cockyard Mission Hall
Abbeydore Herefordshire Holy Trinity & St Mary (Dore Abbey)
Acton Beauchamp Herefordshire Acton Beauchamp: St Giles
Adforton Herefordshire Adforton: St Andrew
Allensmore Herefordshire Allensmore: St Andrew
Almeley Herefordshire Almeley: St Mary
Ashperton Herefordshire Ashperton: St Bartholomew
Aston Ingham Herefordshire Aston Ingham: St John the Baptist
Aylton Herefordshire Aylton
Aymestrey Herefordshire Aymestrey: St John The Baptist & St Alkmund
Bacton Herefordshire St Faith
Birley Herefordshire Birley: St Peter
Bishop's Frome Herefordshire Bishops Frome: St Mary the Virgin
Bishopstone Herefordshire Bishopstone: St Lawrence
Bishopswood Herefordshire Bishopswood: All Saints
Blakemere Herefordshire Blakemere: St Leonard
Bockleton Herefordshire St Michael
Bodenham Herefordshire Bodenham: St Michael & All Angels
Bollingham Herefordshire Bollingham: St Silas
Bosbury Herefordshire Bosbury: Holy Trinity
Brampton Bryan Herefordshire Brampton Bryan St Barnabas
Bredenbury Herefordshire Bredenbury: St Andrew
Bredwardine Herefordshire Bredwardine: St Andrew
Breinton Herefordshire Breinton: St Michael
Bridge Sollars Herefordshire Bridge Sollars: St Andrew
Bridstow Herefordshire Bridstow: St Bridget
Brilley Herefordshire Brilley: St Mary
Brimfield Herefordshire St Michael
Brinsop Herefordshire Brinsop: St George
Brockhampton Herefordshire Brockhampton: All Saints
Brockhampton Herefordshire Brockhampton: Chapel
Bromyard Herefordshire Bromyard: St Peter
Bullinghope Herefordshire Bullinghope: St Peter
Burghill Herefordshire St Mary
Burrington Herefordshire Burrington: St George
Byford Herefordshire St John the Baptist
Byton Herefordshire Byton: St Mary
Canon Frome Herefordshire Canon Frome: St James
Canon Pyon Herefordshire Canon Pyon: St Lawrence
Castle Frome Herefordshire Castle Frome: St Michael
Clehonger Herefordshire Clehonger: All Saints
Clifford Herefordshire Clifford: St Mary
Clodock & Longtown Herefordshire Clodock & Longtown: St Clydog
Coddington Herefordshire Coddington: All Saints
Collington Herefordshire Collington: St Mary
Colwall Herefordshire Colwall: St Crispin's Chapel
Colwall Herefordshire Colwall: St James the Great
Cradley Herefordshire Cradley: St James the Great
Craswall Herefordshire Craswall: St Mary
Credenhill Herefordshire Credenhill: St Mary
Croft Herefordshire St Michael & All Angels
Cusop Herefordshire Cusop: St Mary
Dewsall, near Callow Herefordshire Dewsall w Callow: St Michael
Dilwyn & Stretford Herefordshire St Mary
Dinedor Herefordshire Dinedor w Holme Lacy: St Andrew
Discoed Powys St Michael
Docklow Herefordshire St Bartholomew
Dormington Herefordshire Dormington: St Peter
Dorstone Herefordshire Dorstone: St Faith
Downton on the Rock Herefordshire Downton: St Giles
Eardisland Herefordshire Eardisland: St Mary
Eardisley Herefordshire Eardisley: St Mary Magdalene
Eastnor Herefordshire Eastnor: St John the Baptist
Eaton Bishop Herefordshire Eaton Bishop: St Michael & All Angels
Edvin Loach Herefordshire Edvin Loach: St Mary
Edwyn Ralph Herefordshire Edwyn Ralph: St Michael
Elton Herefordshire Elton: St Mary the Virgin
Evesbatch Herefordshire Evesbatch: St Andrew
Ewyas Harold Herefordshire St Michael & All Angels
Eye Herefordshire Eye: St Peter & St Paul
Eyton Herefordshire All Saints
Felton Herefordshire Felton: St Michael the Archangel
Ford Herefordshire Ford: St John of Jerusalem
Fownhope Herefordshire Fownhope: St Mary
Frome's Hill Herefordshire Frome's Hill: St Matthew
Ganarew Herefordshire Ganarew: St Swithin
Garway Herefordshire Garway: St Michael
Goodrich Herefordshire St Giles
Grendon Bishop & Wacton Herefordshire Grendon Bishop & Wacton: St John the Baptist
Hamnish Herefordshire St Dubricius & All Saints
Hampton Bishop Herefordshire Hampton Bishop: St Andrew
Hardwicke Herefordshire Hardwicke: Holy Trinity
Hatfield Herefordshire Hatfield: St Leonard
Hentland Herefordshire Hentland: St Dubricius
Hereford Herefordshire Hereford: All Saints
Hereford Herefordshire Hereford: Holy Trinity
Hereford Herefordshire Hereford: St Barnabas Church Centre
Hereford Herefordshire Hereford: St James
Hereford Herefordshire Hereford: St Martin
Hereford Herefordshire Hereford: St Nicholas
Hereford Herefordshire Hereford: St Peter w St Owen
Hereford Herefordshire Holmer w Huntington: St Mary Magdalene
Hereford Herefordshire Holmer: St Bartholomew
Hereford Herefordshire Holmer: St Mary
Hereford Herefordshire St Giles Chapel
Hereford Herefordshire Tupsley: St Paul
Hoarwithy Herefordshire Hoarwithy: St Catherine
Hope Mansel Herefordshire Hope Mansel: St Michael
Hope-under-Dinmore Herefordshire St Mary the Virgin
How Caple Herefordshire How Caple: St Andrew w St Mary