Benefice of Uplyme with Axmouth

Sunday Services

10am Sunday Gathering - Uplyme St. Peter and St. Paul
This is our main family Sunday gathering. The format varies a bit but everyone is welcome. We worship, we pray, we engage with biblical teaching and we encourage each other on our walk with Jesus.
Sunday at 10:00 AM
This service is particularly suitable for families There will be a creche during this service Do join us for coffee afterwards This service will have sunday school or other children's activities

This is a more traditional, reflective worship than the 10am worship. It is an intimate and welcoming gathering of people, for worship, prayer, engaging with biblical teaching and encouraging each other on our walk with Jesus.
Sunday at 6:00 PM for 1 hour


Regular Events


Advent Course - Axmouth St Michael Mission Community
The advent course runs for four weeks at Axmouth Church. Everyone is welcome to attend.
Every first second third and fourth Thursday at 3:00 PM for 1 hour