Benefice of Devizes St Pet

Sunday Services

Low Mass (BCP) - Devizes Devizes: St Peter
Low Mass with Homily
Sunday at 8:00 AM for ¾ hour

Sung Mass with Sermon - Devizes Devizes: St Peter
Mass, Sunday, School & Sermon - All worshippers are invited to join us for tea, coffee and soft drinks afterwards. Your attendance at services is more important than the manner of your worship. Please feel free to sit during any part of the service even though other stand or kneel.
Sunday at 10:00 AM for 1 hour
This service is particularly suitable for families Do join us for coffee afterwards This service will have incense


Regular Events


Low Mass and Homily - Devizes Devizes: St Peter
Every Wednesday at 7:00 PM for ¾ hour


Evening Prayer (BCP) - Devizes Devizes: St Peter
Every Saturday at 5:00 PM for 20 minutes