Requests for Prayers

In each of the churches in the Box River Benefice you will find a small notebook in which you can write a request for prayers to be said on your behalf by Revd. Judith. The notebook is usually placed on a table near to the entrance.

On each visit Revd. Judith will check the notebook for any new requests and ensure that they are included in the short service we call Village Prayers which is held once a week in every church. When this done, the notebook will be amended to acknowledge the request. Occasionally, it may take a little longer to respond to you request, but rest assured it will never be overlooked.

What you ask for in prayer is entirely your choice: it can be for a person or several people, or for yourself; it can be for a family matter or some local or global matter; it can be for guidance or support. All requests and all prayers are equal before God.

Of course, if you would rather talk to Revd. Judith in private, please make contact using the Contacts Us tab on the home page of this site.