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Town County Church Map
Abdon Shropshire Abdon: St Margaret
Acton Burnell Shropshire Acton Burnell: St Mary
Acton Round Shropshire Acton Round: St Mary
Acton Scott Shropshire Acton Scott: St Margaret
Adderley Shropshire Adderley S.Peter
Alberbury Shropshire St Michael & All Angels
Albrighton with Battlefield Shropshire Albrighton with Battlefield S.John the Baptist
All Stretton Shropshire All Stretton: St Michael & All Angels
Alveley Shropshire Alveley: St Mary
Annscroft Shropshire Annscroft: Christ Church
Ash Shropshire Ash Christ Church
Ashford Bowdler Shropshire Ashford Bowdler: St Andrew
Ashford Carbonell Shropshire Ashford Carbonell: St Mary Magdalene
Ashley Shropshire Ashley St.John the Baptist
Astley Shropshire Astley St. Mary the Virgin
Astley Abbotts Shropshire Astley Abbotts: St Calixtus
Aston Botterell Shropshire Aston Botterell: St Michael & All Angels
Aston Eyre Shropshire Aston Eyre
Atcham Shropshire Atcham S.Eata
Badger Shropshire Badger S.Giles
Barrow Shropshire Barrow: St Giles
Baschurch Shropshire Baschurch All Saints
Bayston Hill Shropshire Christ Church Bayston Hill
Beckbury Shropshire Beckbury S.Milburga
Bedstone Shropshire Bedstone: St Mary
Benthall Shropshire St Bartholomew (closed)
Berrington Shropshire Berrington: All Saints
Betton Strange Shropshire St Margaret
Bettws-y- Crwyn Shropshire Bettws-y- Crwyn : St Mary
Bicton Shropshire Bicton Holy Trinity
Bicton Heath Shropshire Christ Church Shelton and Oxon
Billingsley Shropshire Billingsley: St Mary
Bishop's Castle Shropshire Bishop's Castle: St John the Baptist
Bitterley Shropshire Bitterley: St Mary
Bomere Heath Shropshire Leaton, Bomere Heath Mission Room
Boraston Shropshire Boraston
Bourton Shropshire Holy Trinity
Bridgnorth Shropshire Bridgnorth: St James Hall Church
Bridgnorth Shropshire Bridgnorth: St Mary Magdalene
Bridgnorth Shropshire Chelmarsh: St Peter
Bridgnorth Shropshire St. Leonard's Hall Church
Bridgnorth Shropshire Tuckhill: Holy Innocents
Broadstone Shropshire Broadstone Chapel
Bromfield Shropshire St Mary the Virgin
Broseley Shropshire Broseley: All Saints
Broughton Shropshire Broughton S.Mary
Buildwas Shropshire Buildwas Holy Trinity
Burford Shropshire Burford: St Mary
Burlton Shropshire Loppington S.Anne's Mission Room, Burlton
Calverhall Shropshire Calverhall Holy Trinity
Cardeston Shropshire Cardeston: St Michael
Cardington Shropshire Cardington: St James
Castlefields Shropshire Shrewsbury All Saints
Caynham Shropshire St Mary
Chapel Lawn Shropshire Chapel Lawn: St Mary
Cheswardine Shropshire Cheswardine St Swithun
Chetton Shropshire Chetton: St Giles
Chetwynd Shropshire St.Michael & All Angels
Childs Ercall Shropshire Childs Ercall St Michael & All Angels
Chirbury Shropshire Chirbury: St Michael
Church Aston Shropshire St. Andrews Church Aston
Church Preen Shropshire Church Preen: St John the Baptist
Church Stretton Shropshire Church Stretton: St Laurence
Claverley Shropshire Claverley: All Saints
Clee Shropshire Clee: St Margaret
Clee Hill Shropshire Clee Hill: St Peter
Cleeton St Mary Shropshire Cleeton St Mary: St Mary
Cleobury Mortimer Shropshire Cleobury Mortimer: St Mary the Virgin
Cleobury North Shropshire Cleobury North: St Peter & St Paul
Clive Shropshire Clive All Saints
Clun Shropshire Clun: St George
Clunbury Shropshire Clunbury: St Swithin
Clungunford Shropshire Clungunford: St Cuthbert
Clunton Shropshire Clunton: St Mary
Coalbrookdale Shropshire Coalbrookdale: Holy Trinity
Cockshutt Shropshire Cockshutt S.Simon and S.Jude
Colemere Shropshire Lyneal with Colemere S.John the Evangelist
Condover Shropshire Condover: Ryton Chapel
Condover Shropshire Condover: St Andrew & St Mary
Coreley Shropshire Coreley: St Peter
Cound Shropshire Cound: St Peter
Cressage Shropshire Cressage: Christ Church
Criftins Shropshire Criftins St. Matthew
Crudgington Shropshire High Ercall S.Mary, Crudgington
Culmington Shropshire Culmington: All Saints
Cwm Head Shropshire Cwm Head: St Michael (closed)
Dawley Shropshire Dawley Holy Trinity
Diddlebury Shropshire Diddlebury: St Peter
Ditton Priors Shropshire Ditton Priors: St John the Baptist
Doddington Shropshire Doddington: St John the Baptist
Donnington Wood Shropshire Donnington Wood S.Matthew
Dorrington Shropshire Dorrington: St Edward
Dowles, Button Oak Shropshire St Andrew
Dudleston Shropshire Dudleston S.Mary the Virgin
Easthope Shropshire Easthope: St Peter
Eaton Constantine Shropshire Eaton Constantine S.Mary
Eaton-under-Heywood Shropshire Eaton-under-Heywood: St Edith
Edgmond Shropshire Edgmond S.Peter
Edgton Shropshire Edgton: St Michael
Edstaston Shropshire Edstaston S.Mary the Virgin