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Town County Church Map
Aldbourne Wiltshire Aldbourne: St Michael
Alderbury Wiltshire Alderbury: St Mary the Virgin
Alderton Wiltshire St Giles
Allington Wiltshire Allington: St John the Baptist (closed)
Alton Barnes Wiltshire Alton Barnes: St Mary the Virgin
Alvediston Wiltshire Alvediston: St Mary
Amesbury Wiltshire The Abbey Church of St Mary & St Melor
Ansty Wiltshire Ansty: St James
Ashton Keynes Wiltshire Holy Cross
Atworth Wiltshire Atworth: St Michael & All Angels
Avebury Wiltshire Avebury: St James
Axford Wiltshire Axford: St Michael
Bagshot Wiltshire Bagshot: The Good Shepherd (closed)
Barford Wiltshire Barford: St Martin with Burcombe
Baverstock Wiltshire Baverstock: St Editha
Baydon Wiltshire Baydon: St Nicholas
Beechingstoke Wiltshire Beechingstoke: St Stephen
Bemerton Wiltshire Bemerton: St Andrew
Bemerton Wiltshire Bemerton: St John the Evangelist (closed)
Bemerton Heath Wiltshire Bemerton : St Michael & All Angels
Berwick Wiltshire Berwick: St James
Berwick St John Wiltshire Berwick St John: St John
Biddestone Wiltshire St Nicholas
Bishopstone Wiltshire Bishopstone: St John the Baptist
Bishopstrow Wiltshire Bishopstrow: St Aldhelm
Blunsdon Wiltshire St Andrew
Boscombe Wiltshire Boscombe: St Andrew
Bowden Hill Wiltshire St Anne
Bowerchalke Wiltshire Bowerchalke: Holy Trinity
Box Wiltshire Chapel Plaister
Box Wiltshire St Thomas à Becket
Boyton Wiltshire Boyton: Blessed Mary
Bradenstoke Wiltshire Bradenstoke: St Mary
Bradford on Avon Wiltshire Bradford on Avon: Holy Trinity
Bradford-on-Avon Wiltshire Bradford-on-Avon: Christ Church
Bradford-on-avon Wiltshire St Lawrence
Bratton Wiltshire Bratton: Saint James the Great
Bremhill Wiltshire Bremhill: St Martin
Brinkworth Wiltshire St Michael & All Angels
Britford Wiltshire Britford: St Peter
Brixton Deverill Wiltshire Brixton Deverill: St Michael
Broad Blunsdon Wiltshire St Leonard
Broad Hinton Wiltshire Broad Hinton: St Peter ad Vincula
Broad Town Wiltshire Broad Town: Christ Church
Broadchalke Wiltshire Broadchalke: All Saints
Brokenborough Wiltshire St John the Baptist
Brokers Wood Wiltshire Brokers Wood: All Saints
Bromham Wiltshire Bromham: St Nicholas
Broughton Gifford Wiltshire Broughton Gifford: St Mary the Virgin
Bulford Wiltshire St Leonard's
Bulkington Wiltshire Bulkington: Christ Church
Burbage Wiltshire Burbage: All Saints
Burcombe Wiltshire Burcombe: St John the Baptist (closed)
Buttermere Wiltshire Buttermere: St James the Great
Calne Wiltshire Blackland: St Peter
Calne Wiltshire Calne: Holy Trinity
Calne Wiltshire Calne: St Mary the Virgin
Calstone Wellington Wiltshire Calstone Wellington: St Mary the Virgin
Castle Combe Wiltshire St Andrew
Castle Eaton Wiltshire St Mary the Virgin
Chapmanslade Wiltshire Chapmanslade: St Philip & St James
Charlton Wiltshire Charlton: All Saints
Charlton Wiltshire Charlton: St John the Baptist
Charlton Wiltshire Charlton: St Peter
Charlton Wiltshire St John the Baptist
Cherhill Wiltshire Cherhill: St James the Great
Chicklade Wiltshire Chicklade: All Saints
Chilmark Wiltshire Chilmark: St Margaret of Antioch
Chilton Foliat Wiltshire Chilton Foliat: St Mary
Chippenham Wiltshire St Andrew
Chippenham Wiltshire St Paul
Chippenham Wiltshire St Peters
Chisledon with Draycot Folliat Wiltshire Chisledon w Draycot Foliat: Holy Cross
Chitterne Wiltshire Chitterne: All Saints & St Mary
Chitterne Wiltshire St Mary Chancel
Cholderton Wiltshire Cholderton: St Nicholas
Christian Malford Wiltshire All Saints
Chute Wiltshire Chute: St Nicholas
Clyffe Pypard Wiltshire Clyffe Pypard: St Peter
Codford Wiltshire Codford: St Mary
Codford Wiltshire Codford: St Peter
Colerne Wiltshire St John the Baptist
Collingbourne Ducis Wiltshire Collingbourne Ducis: St Andrew
Collingbourne Kingston Wiltshire Collingbourne Kingston: St Mary
Compton Bassett Wiltshire Compton Bassett: St Swithin
Compton Chamberlayne Wiltshire Compton Chamberlayne: St Michael
Coombe Bissett Wiltshire Coombe Bissett: St Michael & All Angels
Corsham Wiltshire St Bartholomew, Corsham
Corsley Wiltshire Corsley: St Margaret of Antioch
Corsley Wiltshire Corsley: St Mary
Corston Wiltshire All Saints
Coulston Wiltshire Coulston: Saint Thomas of Canterbury
Cricklade Wiltshire St Sampson
Crudwell Wiltshire All Saints
Dauntsey Wiltshire St James the Great
Derry Hill Wiltshire Derry Hill: Christ Church
Devizes Wiltshire All Cannings: All Saints
Devizes Wiltshire Bishop's Cannings: St Mary the Virgin
Devizes Wiltshire Chirton: St John the Baptist
Devizes Wiltshire Devizes: St John
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