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Ashwell : Ashwell: St Mary
Barrowden : St Peter
Belton in Rutland : St Peter
Bisbrooke : Bisbrooke: St John the Baptist
Braunston in Rutland : Braunston: All Saints
Brooke : Brooke: St Peter
Caldecott : Caldecott: St John the Evangelist
Carlby : St Stephen
Clipsham : St Mary
Cottesmore : St Nicholas
Duddington : St Mary
Edith Weston : St Mary the Virgin
Egleton : Egleton: St Edmund
Empingham : St Peter
Essendine : Essendine: St Mary Magdalene
Exton : St Peter & St Paul
Glaston : Glaston: St Andrew
Great Casterton : St Peter & St Paul
Greetham : greetham-st-mary-the-virgin
Hambleton : Hambleton: St Andrew
Harringworth : Harringworth: St John the Baptist
Ketton : St Mary the Virgin
Langham : Langham: St Peter & St Paul
Little Casterton : All Saints
Lyddington : Lyddington: St Andrew
Lyndon : St Martin of Tours
Manton : St Mary
Market Overton : Market Overton: St Peter & St Paul
Morcott : St Mary the Virgin
North Luffenham : St John the Baptist
Oakham : Oakham: All Saints
Pickworth : All Saints
Pilton : St Nicholas
Preston : St Peter & St Paul
Ridlington : St Mary Magdalene & St Andrew
Ryhall : St John the Evangelist
Seaton : Seaton: All Hallows
South Luffenham : St Mary the Virgin
Stoke Dry : Stoke Dry: St Andrew
Stretton : St Nicholas
Teigh : Teigh: Holy Trinity
Thistleton : St Nicholas
Tickencote : St Peter
Tinwell : All Saints
Tixover : St Luke
Uppingham : St Peter & St Paul
Wardley : St Botolph
Whissendine : Whissendine: St Andrew
Whitwell : St Michael & All Angels
Wing : St Peter & St Paul

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