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Barnby : Barnby, St John the Baptist
Barsham with Shipmeadow : Holy Trinity
Beccles : Beccles, St Luke
Beccles : Beccles, St Michael the Archangel
Blyford : Blyford, All Saints
Blythburgh : Blythburgh, Holy Trinity
Bramfield : Bramfield, St Andrew
Brampton : Brampton, St Peter
Bungay : Bungay, Holy Trinity with St Mary
Chediston : Chediston, St Mary
Cookley : Cookley, St Michael & All Angels
Covehithe with Benacre : Covehithe with Benacre, St Andrew
Flixton : Flixton, St Mary
Frostenden : Frostenden, All Saints
Halesworth : Halesworth, St Mary
Henstead with Hulver : Henstead with Hulver, St Mary
Heveningham with Ubbeston : Heveningham with Ubbeston, St Margaret
Holton : Holton, St Peter
Homersfield : Homersfield, St Mary
Huntingfield : Huntingfield, St Mary the Virgin
Ilketshall St Andrew : Ilketshall St Andrew, St Andrew
Ilketshall St John : Ilketshall St John, St John the Baptist
Ilketshall St Lawrence : Ilketshall St Lawrence, St Lawrence
Ilketshall St Margaret : Ilketshall St Margaret, St Margaret
Linstead Parva : Linstead Parva, St Margaret of Antioch
Mettingham : Mettingham, All Saints
N Cove : N Cove, St Botolph
Redisham : Redisham, St Peter
Reydon : Reydon, St Margaret of Antioch
Ringsfield : Ringsfield, All Saints
Rumburgh with S Elmham All Saints : Rumburgh with S Elmham All Saints, St Michael & St Felix
S Elmham St Cross : S Elmham St Cross, St Cross
S Elmham St James : S Elmham St James, St James
S Elmham St Margaret : S Elmham St Margaret, St Margaret
S Elmham St Michael : S Elmham St Michael, St Michael
S Elmham St Peter : S Elmham St Peter, St Peter
Shadingfield : Shadingfield, St John the Baptist
Sotherton : Sotherton, St Andrew
South Cove : South Cove, St Lawrence
Southwold : Southwold, St Edmund, King & Martyr
Spexhall : Spexhall, St Peter
Stoven : Stoven, St Margaret
Thorington : Thorington, St Peter
Uggeshall : Uggeshall, St Mary
Walberswick : Walberswick, St Andrew
Walpole : Walpole, St Mary the Virgin
Wangford : Wangford, St Peter & St Paul
Wenhaston : Wenhaston, St Peter
Westhall : Westhall, St Andrew
Weston : Ellough & Weston, St Peter
Willingham & Sotterley : Willingham & Sotterley, St Margaret
Wissett : Wissett, St Andrew
Worlingham : Worlingham, All Saints
Wrentham : Wrentham, St Nicholas

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