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Almer : Almer: St Mary
Ashmore : Ashmore: St Nicholas
Blandford : Blandford: St Mary
Blandford Forum : Blandford Forum: St Peter & St Paul
Bloxworth : Bloxworth: St Andrew
Charlton Marshall : Charlton Marshall: St Mary the Virgin
Chettle : Chettle: St Mary
Durweston : Durweston with Bryanston: St Nicholas
Farnham : Farnham: St Laurence
Fontmell Magna : Fontmell Magna: St Andrew
Gussage : Gussage: All Saints
Gussage : Gussage: St Andrew
Gussage : Gussage: St Michael
Iwerne Courtney (or Shroton) : Iwerne Courtney (or Shroton) : St Mary
Iwerne Minster : Iwerne Minster: St Mary
Kingston Lacy : Kingston Lacy: St Stephen
Langton Long : Langton Long: All Saints
Milton Abbas : Milton Abbas: St James
Milton Abbas : St Mary, St Sansom and St Branwalader
Morden : Morden: St Mary
Pentridge : Pentridge: St Rumbold
Pimperne : Pimperne: St Peter
Shapwick : Shapwick: St Bartholomew
Sixpenny Handley : Sixpenny Handley: St Mary
Spetisbury : Spetisbury: St John Baptist
Stourpaine : Stourpaine: Holy Trinity
Sturminster Marshall : Sturminster Marshall: St Mary
Sutton Waldron : Sutton Waldron: St Bartholomew
Tarrant Gunville : Tarrant Gunville: St Mary
Tarrant Hinton : Tarrant Hinton: St Mary
Tarrant Keynston : Tarrant Keynston: All Saints
Tarrant Monkton : Tarrant Monkton: All Saints
Tarrant Rushton : Tarrant Rushton: St Mary
Tollard Royal : Tollard Royal: St Peter ad Vincula
Turnworth : Turnworth: St Mary
Winterborne Clenston : Winterborne Clenston: St Nicholas
Winterborne Houghton : Winterborne Houghton: St Andrew
Winterborne Kingston : Winterborne Kingston: St Nicholas
Winterborne Stickland : Winterborne Stickland: St Mary
Winterborne Whitechurch : Winterborne Whitechurch: St Mary
Winterbourne Zelstone : Winterbourne Zelstone: St Mary

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