Music Matters at St Nicholas Why? Because the Christian Church is a singing Church. Who Sings? Everyone sings, whether in the congregation or the choir. Choirs Young People sing action songs at the Children’s clubs.

Adult Members of the congregation who enjoy choral singing meet for a practice once a week, usually Thursday at 7pm. Our repertoire of anthems and motets ranges from the 16th to the 21st century. Instrumentalists: Members of the congregation who play: guitar, flute, recorder, chello, etc., occasionally meet together with a group of singers to practice for the TAIZE  evening worship. Guitarist Steve Davis, log on to [email protected] who leads our singing during the Family Service held on the second Sunday of the month. Organist Clive Browne regularly plays for our Sunday Worship and other occasional services.

RCM The Royal School of Church Music is an international and ecumenical school to which we are affiliated. Its mission is to develop first-class resources (now situated in Norwich), and to train and educate choirs and clergy to make the best use of music in worship. Log on to www.rscm.com for further information.  

CONTACTS: If you are interested in Church Music and would like more information please contact: The Adult Choir Secretary: Helen Bell Young People : Alan Crawshaw Church Secretary : Pauline Martin. All enquirers and aspiring singers are welcome for what could be called in football terms ‘a try out’. Gown or cassock and surplice provided!