Researching Your Family History

We are often asked for help in researching details of family history, where there is a possible connection with Elland.

The majority of our records are now to be found at:

West Yorkshire Archive Services
Registry of Deeds
Newstead Road,
01924 305980

Please contact the Archive Service, not the Parish, who will be able to advise you if they have the information you are looking for, and also of any costs that may be involved.

Some more recent register information is kept locally, and the Archive Service will put you in touch with us if they are not able to help.

Within Elland, the Greater Elland Historical Society maintain a History Room in Dobsons Confectioners, opposite S.Mary's Church. They may be able to assist you, please see:

Many of the early Parish Registers for Elland are now availble on CD from the The Calderdale Family History Society. Further Information is available from:

You may also wish to consult 

We wish you well in your search!