A Church Near You Help

The basics

What is A Church Near You?
A quick introduction to A Church Near You

Quick start guide
How to take over and edit your church.

Quick Stats
How many people actually use A Church Near You?


How to use the parish finder
How to find your nearest church or the parish you live in.

Logging in and accounts

Login and Registration problems
What to do if you are having problems registering or logging in to A Church Near You.

My account seems to have disappeared!
When and why we might delete your account

Can a church have more than one editor?
About having multiple editors

I have left the church I edit
What to do when you leave a church that you edit

Adding information about a church

How do I place my church on the map
How to find your church's exact location

How to obtain detailed statistics
Using Google Analytics to track your visitors

Linking and embedding

Embed the parish map on your website
How to embed a parish map on your website

Technical and data problems

Our parish name is wrong, missing, in the wrong benefice etc.
What to do if the parish name on A Church Near You is incorrect.

Parish boundary missing or wrong
What to do if the parish boundary is wrong or missing

"Our other churches" section is wrong
What to do if your church appears not to be linked to the correct other churches.

Deleting entries for closed churches etc.
What to do if your church has closed or you need to delete an entry for some other reason.

Cannot search for a church in the control panel
When trying to transfer a church in the control panel a list of venues to choose from isn't shown

Other topics

Adding non-Church of England churches to the site
Information about churches of other denominations.

Contact support

Find an existing support ticket
If you want to access a previously submitted ticket, please visit the My Support page (if logged into A Church Near You) or enter your email address in the box and we will send you a link to any tickets that match that address.