From the Registers



22nd May - Blake Ewles.

2nd October - Olivia Jennifer Seeley

4th December - Willow Mariette Brown

4th December - Ramona Rose Richardson


1st May - Stuart Mason & Anna Faithfull

21st May - Lewis Morgan & Elizabeth Woodhouse-Williams

27th May - Andrew Leeds & clare Forder

28th May - Jason Merriott & Laura Hodgetts


6th January - Peter Short

7th January - Derek Forward

12th February - John Martins

25th February - Jane Evans

24th March - Heather Jones

2nd November Denise Margaret Bowen



19th February - Henry Starkings

8th April Autumn Skie Mudge

9th April Shawn Martin

11th June Oaklet Charlie Hughes

2nd July Jane Ellis

2nd July Benjamin Frances Fuller

9th July Damon de Rees

9th July Michael Douglas Punt

9th July Emma Jane Nurse

9th July Elsi Rose Aspey


28th May James Laurens and Laura Frame 

5th August Ashley Jones and Adel Marples


19th January - Maurice William Hulbert

8th March Grace Etheridge ( St Faith's)

6th March David Fullick

13th April William (Billy ) Simmons ( St Faith's )

8th April Rose Mary ( Janet ) Debbage ( St Faith's )

25th April Myrtle Rowe

18th August Paul Frederick Bowen

12th May Pamela Brighton ( St Faith's )