St. Peter Stoke Hill

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St Peter�s Church was established in 1952 in a Nissen Hut vacated by Canadian troops after the second world war. Services were held by the of Rector and Curate of St John the Evangelist, Stoke, Guildford for people who were moving into Council (public) housing being built on land purchased from the family of the former Rector of St John the Evangelist Stoke Guildford and those moving into the new housing in the Village of Jacobs Well. In 1957 a Hall was built on a plot of land purchased for the purpose by the Diocese.
In 1967 the present Church was built next to the Hall and was dedicated on St Peter�s Day 29th June 1968.
The Congregational Church had built a Hall near at hand and while St Peter�s Church was being built the two congregations worshipped together in the Congregational Church. The two congregations have been united ever since. In the mid 1970s a Church Sharing Agreement between the United Reformed Church and the Anglican Diocese formalised the joint use of St Peter�s Church by the combined congregation.
In 1994 the Church planted "The Church in Jacobs Well", in a village of that name within the Parish. The Church in Jacobs Well meets in the village Scout Hut.

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Vicar Rev Kirsten Rosslyn-Smith
St Peter's Shared Church 37 Hazel Avenue Guildford�Surrey, GU1 1NP��
Telephone 44 (0)1483 572078�

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