About our Parish

A small rural village just of the A 17. There is a village square were people can park when they visit the church. There is also a village sign with a Viking boat on it. In the church is a memorial widow of stain glass. Our church is about to under go some repairs to its roof. We have books for sale in the church on the history of the church written by a local historian. We are part of the Haven Group of churches. Rev. Charlie Robertson is our priest. Services are held on the second and third Sunday of each month, also the first Sunday every 5th month. 2nd & 3rd Sunday services start at 9-15 a.m and the 1st Sunday service starts at 10-30 a.m.

Population: 500

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PCC contact Mrs Jane Barkham. Tel:_ 01205 460 714
Vinland Boston Road, Sutterton, Boston, Lincs.
PE20 2HD.

Churches in our Parish

St Peter & St Paul