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Before the Industrial Revolution arrived Davyhulme, Urmston and Flixton were remote rural communities whose way of life had barely changed for hundreds of years. Then came the railways, which brought people here to work in large numbers. Then the Manchester Ship Canal followed and Trafford Park became the largest Industrial Estate in Europe.

Christ Church was originally a daughter church of St. Mary the Virgin, operating out of a 'tin tabernacle' close to the M60 Motorway. But as industry grew and motorway links expanded, more houses for the workforce were needed in the area and Christ Church became a parish in its own right. The Duchess of Kent opened the current building in 1967.

This area is divided into 2 distinct housing areas which are separated by Kingsway Park. To the south west is the older pre-war estate while the newer 'Wimpey estate'(c.1960's)occupies the side adjacent to the motorway. The M60 is a dominating influence and the Trafford Centre is within easy walking distance via a footbridge.

There are no other churches in the parish and no residential homes. We have good relations with with our local schools(Kingsway Juniors, Davyhulme Primary and Egerton High). There are 2 public houses, and parades of shops can be found in Canterbury Road and at Davyhulme Circle.

The following profile is taken from the Up My Street website:
"Empty nesters and couples with older children give a firmly middle-aged feel to this type of area. Homes tend to be semi-detached and employment is more likely to be in office or clerical jobs. Many women work part-time now that their children are older or have left home. This supplements the family income, so earnings are above average.

Over time these families have built up investments in ISAs, stocks and shares or in a savings account. Many have also paid off their mortgage, so have equity in their house. For financial transactions they are most comfortable with the face-to-face contact at a building society or bank branch, rather than using direct channels such as the Internet. The company pension is an important provision for the later years of these householder’s lives.

These people watch a lot of TV but also enjoy an occasional meal out in a restaurant. They have the money to take regular holidays, perhaps a winter sun break as well as a summer holiday.

The Daily Express and Daily Mail are the most popular newspapers.

Car ownership is above average with a mid-range family saloon a popular choice. Around a third of households can afford to run two cars."

Our aim as a parish Church is to model the grace of God in our community, care for the earth and our environment, pray for the world in which we live and enjoy ourselves. We hope that what we do and say, in and out of the church premises, will encourage people to take a fresh look at Jesus and allow his love to transform their lives.

Population: 6000

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