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CHURCH FLOODLIGHTING We are delighted that the Church now has permanent floodlighting and I am sure you will all agree that it looks beautiful against the winter skies. As well as illuminating the Church for high days and holidays we thought it would be nice to give people the opportunity to sponsor an “illumination” to commemorate an anniversary for a loved one either living or departed. If you would like to sponsor an evening of illumination which will probably be between the end of September and the end of March because of the daylight hours then the cost would be £5 and this would go towards the electricity bill and church funds. There is a calendar in the Church Porch for you to fill in your chosen day and if you could put £5 in a gift day envelope and put it through Nigel Lamberts door and he will ensure that the church is lit up for that time. Any queries then do please contact Viv Davies 331015

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St Andrew