St John's Church, Penge

About our Parish

St John the Evangelist Penge is situated in the urban fringe of South East London. We meet together for corporate worship on Sundays at 10.30 am.

With God's help we hope to become a growing family of prayerful, bible-centred, Spirit-filled people who value justice, treasure Jesus and aim at excellence in all things for the glory of God.

As evangelical Anglicans we believe that the one, true God speaks today through the private and public reading, preaching and teaching of his written word, the bible.

We also believe that this same God - who is uniquely revealed in and through Jesus Christ, the living Word - can and should be encountered today through the empowering presence of his Holy Spirit.

Our worship style is a blend of old and new - modern songs and more traditional hymns. We hope that anyone unfamiliar with Christianity will feel welcome, discover the reality of knowing God through what we do, and experience the saving power and love of God through his Spirit.

There is always an opportunity to stay for coffee and meet one another informally after our meetings.

Population: 9000

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2 St John's Road
Penge. SE20 7EQ

Churches in our Parish

Penge: St John The Evangelist