St. Luke Whyteleafe

About our Parish

Whyteleafe is located in Surrey between Purley And Caterham.There are approximateley about 3,200 people in about 1,400 households and we are still growing. The villiage was established in the second half of the 1800s. It has 2 railway lines with good commuter links to London, and just a short distance to the M25 with its network of roads to the entire country. Whyteleafe has a recreation ground which provides facilities for sporting activities and childrens playground with plenty of space for pic-nics. Riddlesdown and Kenley commons are within easy walking distance prividing areas for walks to enjoy the countryside. Sheep and Cattle can be seen grazing the downs. Kenley aedrome is used by the Surrey Hills Glider Club. This airfield was used by the RAF in the last war. On August 13th 1940, the Germans dropped a bomb between Whyteleafe Hill and St lukes Church. It was the first Church in England to be damaged by enemy action.

Population: 3000

Churches in our Parish

Whyteleafe, St Luke