Sunday Services

Informal Communion
A said reflective communion, often in a non-traditional or Celtic style
Every first Sunday at 9:00 AM for ½ hour
Holy Communion (BCP)
Every second Sunday at 9:30 AM for 1 hour
Book of Common Prayer
All Together Worship
All Together Worship aims to have something for everyone; no matter what their age of preferred style of worship: traditional and modern; quiet and noisy; reflective and active. We look forward to seeing you.
In January, March, June and September we start at 11:00 and follow with a bring-and-share lunch, to which everyone is welcome. There's always plenty of food, so please stay even if you haven't brought anything. every third Sunday at 9:30 AM for 50 minutes
Holy Communion (Common Worship)
Every fourth Sunday at 9:30 AM for 1 hour
Xpressions Cafe
Xpressions Café opens at 10:00 and closes at about 12:00. Downstairs in the All Saints Church Centre we have Xpresso, where Fairtrade tea and coffee are served (as much as you like) and there are cakes and Sunday papers. We do not do anything "˜religious' in Xpresso. Upstairs in the Church Centre we have Xpressions, running from 10:00 to about 11:10. This is mainly for children and families but everyone is welcome. There are craft activities, games, food-making, songs, stories, prayers and so on. In the medieval church we have Xplore, which is in two parts. From 10:30 to 11:00 Xplore Further will take up the theme of the day and explore in, perhaps by discussion, perhaps by group activity (last Café the group wrote a letter from St Paul to "˜the saints in the Chet Valley), or maybe with prayer stations or other reflective activity. At 11:30 we invite everyone to join together in church for Xplore Together, a multimedia interactive session which develops the theme of the day (drawn from one of the day's lectionary readings). In practice it's very flexible: people wander from session to session as they choose and the informality is part of our DNA.
Every first Sunday at 10:00 AM for 2 hours

Regular Events

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