Sunday Services

Low Mass and Homily
Every Sunday at 8:00 AM for 50 minutes
Common Worship
Parish Mass & Sermon
High Mass (with incense) is celebrated on major feast days
Every Sunday at 10:00 AM for 1 hour and 20 minutes.
Family Friendly creche Sunday School Coffee Common Worship
Family Worship (inc Holy Communion some months)
For all ages, less formal, with chorus type songs with music group lasting about 50 minutes.
Mothering Sunday April 3rd will be a Family Mass at 10.00 athough it falls on the 1st Sunday every second Sunday at 10:00 AM
Family Friendly Coffee Common Worship
High Mass & Address
Usually on the 2nd Sunday of the month when the 10am in the morning is non-Eucharistic. Lasts 1 hour
Every second Sunday at 6:00 PM
Incense Common Worship

Regular Events


Low Mass and Homily
Every Wednesday at 9:30 AM for ¾ hour


A very informal sing-song for parents/carers and toddlers; followed by a playgroup in the church hall at 10am.
Weekly during school term time every Thursday at 9:30 AM for ½ hour
Family Friendly
Low Mass with Healing
Every Thursday at 8:00 PM for ¾ hour


Low Mass
Every Friday at 9:15 AM for 35 minutes

Our Location:
Church Hill