Sunday Services

Book of Common Prayer Communion
8.00 am Communion service using the book of common prayer
Every second third and fourth Sunday at 8:00 AM for 1 hour
Book of Common Prayer
Morning Prayer
Family Service with communion
Every fifth Sunday at 10:00 AM for 1 hour
Family Friendly Coffee Book of Common Prayer

Regular Events


Prayer Meeting at Holy Innocents Fairseat
Every Monday at 7:30 PM for 1 hour


Bible Study at 54 Timberbank, Vigo Village
Hosted by Colin and Jill Redwood at 54 Timberbank, Vigo Village,
Every Tuesday at 10:00 AM for 2 hours

Other Events

Crib Service
Saturday 9th December 2017 at 3:00 PM for ½ hour

Our Location:
Vigo Road
TN15 7LU