Sunday Services

Easter Breakfast!
The Easter Breakfast at 8.30am is preceded by a short service at 8 where we light the new Easter candle and welcome Easter Day.
Every year on Easter Day! every Sunday at for 1 hour
Family Friendly Coffee
Easter Day service
The Easter breakfast at 8.30 is followed by a Communion Service for Easter Day at 10am.
Every year on Easter Day every Sunday at for 1 hour and 15 minutes.
Family Friendly Coffee
Palm Sunday procession with donkey
Two donkeys traditionally lead a procession around some of South Holmwood village at 9.40am on Palm Sunday morning, during which villagers come to their windows and front gates to cheer us on and we give them hot cross buns. The procession makes its way to the church where a Palm Sunday service is held at 10, with the donkeys in attendance!
Annually on Palm Sunday every Sunday at for 1½ hours
Family Friendly Coffee

Regular Events

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