Sunday Services

Holy Communion
Book of Common Prayer service
Every Sunday at 8:00 AM
Book of Common Prayer
Parish Mass
Sung Mass. On the 1st Sunday of each month it is a more informal Family Communion, often a parade service. There is a children's corner at the back of church.
Every second third fourth fifth and last Sunday at 10:00 AM
Family Friendly creche Sunday School Coffee Common Worship
Together@10 is an informal family mass held on the first Sunday of each month. There is no junior church - we all come together for the mass.
Every first Sunday at 10:00 AM for 1 hour
Book of Common Prayer evensong on the 1st and 3rd Sundays. On the first Sunday it is usually followed by Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament. On the 3rd Sunday it is normally a full choral service. Please note that during August there is no evensong.
Every first and third Sunday at 6:00 PM
Book of Common Prayer

Regular Events


Holy Communion
Traditional language service. On the 3rd Thursday this includes prayer for healing with the laying-on-of-hands and anointing.
Every Thursday at 10:00 AM for ½ hour
Common Worship

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