Sunday Services

Book of Common Prayer - Morning Prayer
Every Sunday at 8:00 AM for ½ hour
Book of Common Prayer
Children's Church
Every Sunday at 9:10 AM for 1 hour
Family Friendly Sunday School
Parish Mass
Every Sunday at 9:15 AM for 1½ hours
Family Friendly Sunday School Coffee Incense

Regular Events


Daily Mass
Every Tuesday at 10:00 AM for ½ hour


Every Wednesday at 10:30 AM for ½ hour
Daily Mass
Every Wednesday at 11:00 AM for ½ hour


Daily Mass
Every Friday at 10:00 AM for ½ hour
Divine Mercy Chaplet
Every Friday at 10:30 AM for 20 minutes


Daily Mass
Every Saturday at 9:30 AM for ½ hour

Other Events

Remembrance Sunday
Sunday 12th November 2017 at 10:50 AM for 20 minutes

Our Location:
Westbourne Road, Winton
Greater Manchester
M30 8DE