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Town County Church Map
Longnor Shropshire Longnor: St Mary
Loughton Shropshire Loughton
Ludford Shropshire Ludford: St Giles
Ludlow Shropshire Ludlow: St John
Ludlow Shropshire St Laurence's Parish Church, Ludlow
Lydbury North Shropshire Lydbury North: St Michael & All Angels
Lydham Shropshire Lydham: Holy Trinity
Madeley Shropshire Madeley: St Michael
Mainstone Shropshire Mainstone: St John the Baptist
Marton-in-Chirbury Shropshire Marton-in-Chirbury: St Mark
Middleton Powys Corndon Marsh Chapel
Middleton Shropshire Middleton: Holy Trinity
Middleton Scriven Shropshire Middleton Scriven: St John the Baptist
Middleton-in-Chirbury Shropshire Middleton-in-Chirbury: Holy Trinity
Middletown Powys Middletown: All Saints
Milson Shropshire Milson: St George
Minsterley Shropshire Minsterley: Holy Trinity
Monkhopton Shropshire Monkhopton with Upton Cressett
More Shropshire More: St Peter
Morville Shropshire Morville: St Gregory the Great
Much Wenlock Shropshire Much Wenlock: Holy Trinity
Munslow Shropshire Munslow: St Michael
Myndtown Shropshire Myndtown: St John the Baptist
Nash Shropshire St John the Baptist
Neen Savage Shropshire Neen Savage: St Mary
Neen Sollars Shropshire Neen Sollars: All Saints
Neenton Shropshire Neenton: All Saints
Newcastle Shropshire Newcastle: St John the Evangelist
Norbury Shropshire Norbury: All Saints
Oldbury Shropshire Oldbury: St Nicholas
Onibury Shropshire Onibury: St Michael & All Angels
Pitchford Shropshire Pitchford: St Michael & All Angels
Pontesbury Shropshire Pontesbury: St George
Pulverbatch Shropshire Pulverbatch: St Edith
Quatford Shropshire Quatford: St Mary Magdalene
Quatt Shropshire Quatt: St Andrew
Ratlinghope Shropshire Ratlinghope: St Margaret
Richards Castle Herefordshire Richards Castle: All Saints
Rushbury Shropshire Rushbury: St Peter
Sarn Powys Sarn: Holy Trinity
Sheinton Shropshire Sheinton: St Peter & St Paul
Shelve Shropshire Shelve: All Saints
Shipton Shropshire Shipton: St James
Sibdon Carwood Shropshire Sibdon Carwood: St Michael & All Angels (closed)
Sidbury Shropshire Sidbury: Holy Trinity
Silvington South Shropshire Silvington: St Michael
Smethcote Shropshire Smethcote: St Michael
Snailbeach Shropshire Snailbeach: St Luke
Snead POWYS St Mary the Virgin
St Michaels, Tenbury Worcestershire Tenbury: St Michael & All Angels
Stanton Lacy Shropshire Stanton Lacy: St Peter
Stanton Long Shropshire Stanton Long: St Michael & All Angels
Stapleton Shropshire Stapleton: St John the Baptist
Stoke St Milborough Shropshire Stoke St Milborough: St Milburgha
Stokesay Shropshire Stokesay: St John the Baptist
Stottesdon South Shropshire Stottesdon: St Mary
Stowe Shropshire Stowe: St Michael
Sutton Hill Shropshire Sutton Hill Church
Tasley Shropshire Tasley: St Peter & St Paul
Tenbury Wells Worcestershire St Mary's
The Heath Shropshire The Heath (Dedication unknown)
Trelystan Merseyside Trelystan: St Mary the Virgin
Tugford Shropshire Tugford: St Catherine
Wattlesborough Shropshire Wattlesborough: St Margaret
Wentnor Shropshire Wentnor: St Michael & All Angels
Westbury Shropshire Westbury: St Mary
Wheathill Shropshire Wheathill: Holy Trinity
Whitton Shropshire Whitton: St Mary
Wistanstow Shropshire Wistanstow: Holy Trinity
Woodside, Madeley Shropshire Woodside Church
Woolstaston Shropshire Woolstaston: St Michael & All Angels
Worfield Shropshire Worfield: Ackleton Mission Room
Worfield Shropshire Worfield: St Peter
Worthen Shropshire Worthen: All Saints
Yockleton Shropshire Yockleton: Holy Trinity
South Shropshire