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Town County Church Map
Hope Mansel Herefordshire Hope Mansel: St Michael
Hope-under-Dinmore Herefordshire St Mary the Virgin
How Caple Herefordshire How Caple: St Andrew w St Mary
Howle Hill Herefordshire Howle Hill: St John the Evangelist (closed)
Humber Herefordshire St Mary the Virgin
Huntington Herefordshire Huntington: St Thomas a Becket
Ivington Herefordshire St John
Kenchester Herefordshire Kenchester: St Michael
Kentchurch Herefordshire St Mary
Kilpeck Herefordshire St Mary & St David
Kimbolton Herefordshire St James the Great
King's Pyon Herefordshire King's Pyon: St Mary the Virgin
Kings Caple Herefordshire Kings Caple: St John the Baptist
Kingsland Herefordshire Kingsland: St Michael & All Angels
Kingstone Herefordshire Kingstone: St Michael & All Angels
Kington Herefordshire Kington: St Mary
Kinnersley Herefordshire Kinnersley: St James
Kinsham Herefordshire All Saints
Knill Herefordshire St Michael & All Angels
Ledbury Herefordshire Ledbury: St Katherine's Chapel (closed)
Ledbury Herefordshire Ledbury: St Michael
Ledbury Herefordshire Yatton: All Saints
Ledgemoor Herefordshire Ledgemoor: Mission Room
Leinthall Earles Herefordshire Leinthall Earles: St Andrew
Leinthall Starkes Herefordshire Leinthall Starkes: St Mary Magdalene
Leintwardine Herefordshire Leintwardine: St Mary Magdalene
Leominster Herefordshire Leominster: Priory Church of St Peter & St Paul
Letton Herefordshire St John the Baptist
Leysters Herefordshire St Andrew
Lingen Herefordshire St Michael & All Angels
Linton Herefordshire Linton: St Mary
Little Birch Herefordshire St. Mary's Church
Little Cowarne Herefordshire Little Cowarne: St Guthlac
Little Dewchurch Herefordshire Little Dewchurch w Aconbury: St David
Little Hereford Herefordshire Little Hereford: St Mary Magdalene
Little Marcle Herefordshire Little Marcle: St Michael & All Angels
Llancillo Herefordshire Llancillo: St Peter (closed)
Llandinabo Herefordshire Llandinabo: St Junabius
Llangarron Herefordshire St Deinst
Llangrove Herefordshire Christ Church
Llanveynoe Herefordshire Llanveynoe: St Beuno & St Peter
Llanwarne Herefordshire Llanwarne: Christ Church
Lugwardine w Bartestree Herefordshire Lugwardine w Bartestree: St Peter
Lyonshall Herefordshire Lyonshall: St Michael & All Angels
Madley Herefordshire Madley: Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Mansel Lacy Herefordshire Mansel Lacy: St Michael
Marden Herefordshire Amberley Chapel
Marden Herefordshire Marden: St Mary
Marstow Herefordshire St Matthew
Mathon Herefordshire Mathon: St John the Baptist
Michaelchurch Herefordshire Michaelchurch: St Michael
Michaelchurch Escley Herefordshire Michaelchurch Escley: St Michael
Middleton-on-the-Hill Herefordshire St Mary the Virgin
Moccas Herefordshire Moccas: St Michael & All Angels
Monkland Herefordshire All Saints
Monnington-on-Wye Herefordshire St Mary
Moorcourt Herefordshire Moorcourt: St Mary
Mordiford Herefordshire Mordiford: Holy Rood
Moreton-on-Lugg Herefordshire Moreton-on-Lugg: St Andrew
Much Birch Herefordshire Much Birch: St Mary & St Thomas a Becket
Much Cowarne Herefordshire Much Cowarne: St Mary the Virgin
Much Dewchurch Herefordshire Much Dewchurch: St David
Much Marcle Herefordshire Much Marcle: St Bartholomew
Munsley Herefordshire Munsley: St Bartholomew
Newton Herefordshire Newton: St John
Norton Canon Herefordshire St Nicholas
Ocle Pychard Herefordshire Ocle Pychard: St James the Great
Orcop Herefordshire Orcop: St John the Baptist
Orleton Herefordshire St George
Pembridge Herefordshire Pembridge: St Mary the Virgin
Pencombe Herefordshire Pencombe: St John
Pencoyd Herefordshire Pencoyd: St Denys
Peterchurch Herefordshire Peterchurch: St Peter
Peterstow Herefordshire Peterstow: St Peter
Pipe Aston Herefordshire Pipe Aston: St Giles
Pipe Cum Lyde Herefordshire Pipe Cum Lyde: St Peter
Pixley Herefordshire Pixley: St Andrew
Preston Herefordshire St John the Baptist
Preston Wynne Herefordshire Preston Wynne: Holy Trinity
Preston-on-Wye Herefordshire Preston-on-Wye: St Lawrence
Pudleston Herefordshire St Peter
Putley Herefordshire Putley (Dedication unknown)
Richards Castle Herefordshire Richards Castle: All Saints
Ross Herefordshire Ross: St Mary
Ross on Wye Herefordshire Foy Church: St. Mary's
Rowlestone Herefordshire St Peter
Sarnesfield Herefordshire St Mary
Sellack Herefordshire Sellack: St Tysilio
Shobdon Herefordshire Shobdon: St John the Evangelist
Sollershope Herefordshire Sollershope: St Michael
St Devereux Herefordshire St Dubricius
St Margarets Herefordshire St Margaret's Herefordshire
St Weonards Herefordshire St Weonards: St Weonards
Stanford Bishop Herefordshire Stanford Bishop: St James
Staunton-on-Arrow Herefordshire Staunton-on-Arrow: St Peter
Staunton-on-Wye Herefordshire St Mary
Stoke Edith Herefordshire Stoke Edith: St Mary
Stoke Lacy Herefordshire Stoke Lacy: St Peter & St Paul
Stoke Prior Herefordshire St Luke
Storridge Herefordshire Storridge: St John the Evangelist