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Town County Church Map
Charlton Wiltshire Charlton: All Saints
Charlton Wiltshire Charlton: St John the Baptist
Charlton Wiltshire Charlton: St Peter
Charlton Marshall Dorset Charlton Marshall: St Mary the Virgin
Charminster Dorset Charminster: St Mary the Virgin
Charmouth Dorset Charmouth: St Andrew
Cherhill Wiltshire Cherhill: St James the Great
Cheselbourne Dorset Cheselbourne: St Martin
Chetnole Dorset Chetnole: St Peter
Chettle Dorset Chettle: St Mary
Chickerell Dorset Chickerell: St Mary
Chickerell Dorset Fleet Old Church
Chicklade Wiltshire Chicklade: All Saints
Chideock Dorset Chideock: St Giles
Chilcombe Dorset Chilcombe (Dedication unknown)
Child Okeford Dorset Child Okeford: St Nicholas
Chilfrome Dorset Chilfrome: Holy Trinity
Chilmark Wiltshire Chilmark: St Margaret of Antioch
Chilton Foliat Wiltshire Chilton Foliat: St Mary
Chisledon with Draycot Folliat Wiltshire Chisledon w Draycot Foliat: Holy Cross
Chitterne Wiltshire Chitterne: All Saints & St Mary
Chitterne Wiltshire St Mary Chancel
Cholderton Wiltshire Cholderton: St Nicholas
Church Knowle Dorset Church Knowle: St Peter
Chute Wiltshire Chute: St Nicholas
Clyffe Pypard Wiltshire Clyffe Pypard: St Peter
Codford Wiltshire Codford: St Mary
Codford Wiltshire Codford: St Peter
Colehill Dorset Colehill: St Michael & All Angels
Collingbourne Ducis Wiltshire Collingbourne Ducis: St Andrew
Collingbourne Kingston Wiltshire Collingbourne Kingston: St Mary
Compton Abbas Dorset Compton Abbas: St Mary the Virgin
Compton Bassett Wiltshire Compton Bassett: St Swithin
Compton Chamberlayne Wiltshire Compton Chamberlayne: St Michael
Compton Valence Dorset Compton Valence: St Thomas a Beckett
Coombe Bissett Wiltshire Coombe Bissett: St Michael & All Angels
Corfe Castle Dorset Corfe Castle: St Edward the Martyr
Corfe Mullen Dorset St Nicholas Church, Corfe Mullen
Corfe Mullen Dorset St. Hubert's Church, Corfe Mullen
Corscombe Dorset Corscombe: St Mary
Corsley Wiltshire Corsley: St Margaret of Antioch
Corsley Wiltshire Corsley: St Mary
Corton Dorset Corton: St Bartholomew
Coulston Wiltshire Coulston: Saint Thomas of Canterbury
Cranborne Dorset Cranborne: St Mary & St Bartholomew
Creekmoor Dorset Creekmoor: Christ Church
Damerham Hampshire Damerham: St George
Derry Hill Wiltshire Derry Hill: Christ Church
Devizes Wiltshire All Cannings: All Saints
Devizes Wiltshire Bishop's Cannings: St Mary the Virgin
Devizes Wiltshire Chirton: St John the Baptist
Devizes Wiltshire Devizes: St John
Devizes Wiltshire Devizes: St Mary
Devizes Wiltshire Devizes: St Peter
Devizes Wiltshire Etchilhampton: St Andrew
Devizes Wiltshire Marden: All Saints
Devizes Wiltshire Southbroom: St James
Devizes Wiltshire St Matthews Church, Rowde
Devizes Wiltshire Stert: St James
Devizes Wiltshire Urchfont: St Michael & All Angels
Devizes Wiltshire Wilsford: St Nicholas
Dewlish Dorset Dewlish: All Saints
Dilton Marsh Wiltshire Dilton Marsh: Holy Trinity
Dinton Wiltshire Dinton: St Mary
Donhead St Andrew Wiltshire Donhead: St Andrew
Donhead St Mary Wiltshire Donhead: St Mary the Virgin
Dorchester Dorset Dorchester: St Mary the Virgin
Dorchester Dorset Dorchester: St Peter
Dottery Dorset Dottery: St Saviour
Downton Wiltshire Downton: St Laurence
Drimpton Dorset Drimpton: St Mary
Durnford Wiltshire Durnford: St Andrew
Durrington Wiltshire Durrington: All Saints
Durweston Dorset Durweston with Bryanston: St Nicholas
East Chelborough Dorset East Chelborough: St James
East Grafton Wiltshire East Grafton: St Nicholas
East Grimstead Wiltshire East Grimstead: Holy Trinity
East Holme Dorset East Holme: St John the Evangelist
East Kennet Wiltshire East Kennet: Christ Church
East Knoyle Wiltshire East Knoyle: St Mary
East Lulworth Dorset East Lulworth: St Andrew
East Orchard Dorset East Orchard: St Thomas
East Stour Dorset East Stour: Christ Church
Easterton Wiltshire Easterton: St Barnabas
Easton Royal Wiltshire Easton Royal: Holy Trinity
Ebbesbourne Wake Wiltshire Ebbesbourne Wake: St John the Baptist
Edington Wiltshire Edington: Saint Mary, Saint Katharine & All Saints
Edmondsham Dorset Edmondsham: St Nicholas
Enford Wiltshire All Saints
Enmore Green Dorset Enmore Green: St John the Evangelist
Erlestoke Wiltshire Erlestoke: Holy Saviour
Evershot Dorset Evershot: St Osmund
Eype Dorset Eype: St Peter
Farley Wiltshire Farley: All Saints
Farnham Dorset Farnham: St Laurence
Ferndown Dorset St Marys Church
Fifehead Magdalen Dorset Fifehead Magdalen: St Mary Magdalene
Fifehead Neville Dorset Fifehead Neville: All Saints
Fifield Bavant Wiltshire Fifield Bavant: St Martin
Figheldean Wiltshire St Michael and All Angels
Blackmore Vale
C'dral, Unkn or Extra-Paroch
Poole and North Bournemouth