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Town County Church Map
Swindon (Covingham) Wiltshire St Paul's
Teffont Evias Wiltshire Teffont Evias: St Michael
Teffont Magna Wiltshire Teffont Magna: St Edward
Tidcombe Wiltshire Tidcombe: St Michael
Tidworth Wiltshire Tidworth: Holy Trinity
Tilshead Wiltshire Tilshead: St Thomas a Becket
Tisbury Wiltshire Tisbury: St John the Baptist
Tockenham Wiltshire Tockenham: St Giles
Tollard Royal Wiltshire Tollard Royal: St Peter ad Vincula
Toothill Wiltshire Toothill Church
Trowbridge Wiltshire St John the Evangelist
Trowbridge Wiltshire St Thomas' Church
Trowbridge Wiltshire Trowbridge: St James
Trowbridge Wiltshire Trowbridge: The Trinity
Tytherington Wiltshire Tytherington: St James
Tytherton Kellaways Wiltshire St Giles
Tytherton Lucas Wiltshire St Nicholas
Upavon Wiltshire Upavon: St Mary the Virgin
Upper Minety Wiltshire St Leonard
Upper Stratton, Swindon Wiltshire St Philip the Deacon
Upton Lovell Wiltshire Upton Lovell: St Augustine of Canterbury
Upton Scudamore Wiltshire Upton Scudamore: St Mary the Virgin
Wanborough Wiltshire St Andrew
Warminster Wiltshire Boreham: St John the Evangelist
Warminster Wiltshire The Minster Church of St Denys
Warminster Wiltshire Warminster: Christ Church
West Ashton Wiltshire West Ashton: St John
West Dean Wiltshire West Dean: St Mary the Virgin
West Grimstead Wiltshire West Grimstead: St John
West Kington Wiltshire St Mary the Virgin
West Knoyle Wiltshire West Knoyle: St Mary the Virgin
West Lavington Wiltshire West Lavington: All Saints
Westbury Wiltshire Westbury: All Saints
Westbury Leigh Wiltshire Westbury Leigh: Holy Saviour
Westlea Wiltshire Westlea Church
Westwood Wiltshire Westwood: St Mary the Virgin
Whaddon Wiltshire Whaddon: St Mary (closed)
Whaddon Wiltshire Whaddon: St Mary the Virgin
Whiteparish Wiltshire Whiteparish: All Saints
Wilcot Wiltshire Wilcot: Holy Cross
Wilsford Wiltshire Wilsford: St Michael
Wilton Wiltshire Wilton: St Mary & St Nicholas
Wingfield Wiltshire Wingfield: St Mary
Winsley Wiltshire Winsley: St Nicholas
Winterborne Monkton Wiltshire Winterborne Monkton: St Mary Magdalen
Winterbourne Bassett Wiltshire Winterbourne Bassett: St Katharine
Winterbourne Earls Wiltshire Winterbourne Earls: St Michael & All Angels
Winterbourne Gunner Wiltshire Winterbourne Gunner: St Mary
Winterbourne Stoke Wiltshire Winterbourne Stoke: St Peter
Winterslow Wiltshire Winterslow: All Saints
Winterslow Wiltshire Winterslow: St John
Woodborough Wiltshire Woodborough: St Mary Magdalene
Woodford Wiltshire Woodford: All Saints
Wootton Rivers Wiltshire Wootton Rivers: St Andrew
Worton Wiltshire Worton: Christ Church
Wroughton Wiltshire Church Hall, Priors Hill
Wroughton Wiltshire St John Baptist & St Helen
Wylye Wiltshire Wylye: St Mary the Virgin
Yatesbury Wiltshire Yatesbury: All Saints
Yatton Keynell Wiltshire St Margaret
Zeals Wiltshire Zeals: St Martin
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