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Town County Church Map
Wareham Dorset Wareham: Lady St Mary
Wareham Dorset Wareham: St Martin on the Walls
Warminster Wiltshire Boreham: St John the Evangelist
Warminster Wiltshire The Minster Church of St Denys
Warminster Wiltshire Warminster: Christ Church
Warmwell Dorset Warmwell: Holy Trinity
West Ashton Wiltshire West Ashton: St John
West Bay Dorset West Bay: St John
West Chelborough Dorset West Chelborough: St Andrew
West Dean Wiltshire West Dean: St Mary the Virgin
West Grimstead Wiltshire West Grimstead: St John
West Howe Dorset Kinson: St Philip
West Knighton Dorset West Knighton: St Peter
West Knoyle Wiltshire West Knoyle: St Mary the Virgin
West Lavington Wiltshire West Lavington: All Saints
West Lulworth Dorset West Lulworth: Holy Trinity
West Moors Dorset West Moors: St Mary the Virgin
West Orchard Dorset West Orchard: St Luke
West Parley Dorset West Parley: All Saints
West Parley Dorset West Parley: St Marks
West Stafford Dorset West Stafford: St Andrew
West Stour Dorset West Stour: St Mary
Westbury Wiltshire Westbury: All Saints
Westbury Leigh Wiltshire Westbury Leigh: Holy Saviour
Westwood Wiltshire Westwood: St Mary the Virgin
Weymouth Dorset Emmanuel, Southill
Weymouth Dorset St Aldhelm's, Radipole
Weymouth Dorset St Ann's, Radipole
Weymouth Dorset St John's, Weymouth
Weymouth Dorset St Mary's
Weymouth Dorset St Paul
Weymouth Dorset Weymouth: Holy Trinity
Weymouth Dorset Weymouth: St Edmund
Weymouth Dorset Weymouth: St Nicholas
Whaddon Wiltshire Whaddon: St Mary (closed)
Whaddon Wiltshire Whaddon: St Mary the Virgin
Whitchurch Canonicorum Dorset Whitchurch Canonicorum: St Candida & Holy Cross
Whiteparish Wiltshire Whiteparish: All Saints
Whitsbury Hampshire Whitsbury: St Leonard
Wilcot Wiltshire Wilcot: Holy Cross
Wilsford Wiltshire Wilsford: St Michael
Wilton Wiltshire Wilton: St Mary & St Nicholas
Wimborne Dorset St. John's Church, Wimborne
Wimborne Minster Dorset Wimborne Minster: St Cuthberga
Wimborne St Giles Dorset Wimborne St Giles
Winfrith Newburgh Dorset Winfrith Newburgh: St Christopher
Wingfield Wiltshire Wingfield: St Mary
Winsley Wiltshire Winsley: St Nicholas
Winterborne Clenston Dorset Winterborne Clenston: St Nicholas
Winterborne Houghton Dorset Winterborne Houghton: St Andrew
Winterborne Kingston Dorset Winterborne Kingston: St Nicholas
Winterborne Monkton Wiltshire Winterborne Monkton: St Mary Magdalen
Winterborne Monkton Dorset Winterborne Monkton: St Simon & St Jude
Winterborne Stickland Dorset Winterborne Stickland: St Mary
Winterborne Whitechurch Dorset Winterborne Whitechurch: St Mary
Winterbourne Dorset Winterbourne: St Martin
Winterbourne Abbas Dorset Winterbourne Abbas: St Mary
Winterbourne Bassett Wiltshire Winterbourne Bassett: St Katharine
Winterbourne Earls Wiltshire Winterbourne Earls: St Michael & All Angels
Winterbourne Gunner Wiltshire Winterbourne Gunner: St Mary
Winterbourne Steepleton Dorset Winterbourne Steepleton: St Michael
Winterbourne Stoke Wiltshire Winterbourne Stoke: St Peter
Winterbourne Zelstone Dorset Winterbourne Zelstone: St Mary
Winterslow Wiltshire Winterslow: All Saints
Winterslow Wiltshire Winterslow: St John
Witchampton Dorset Witchampton: St Mary & Cuthberga & All Saints
Woodborough Wiltshire Woodborough: St Mary Magdalene
Woodford Wiltshire Woodford: All Saints
Woodlands Dorset Woodlands: The Ascension
Woodsford Dorset Woodsford: St John the Baptist
Wool Dorset The Church of the Holy Rood
Woolland Dorset Woolland
Wootton Fitzpaine Dorset Wootton Fitzpaine (No dedication)
Wootton Rivers Wiltshire Wootton Rivers: St Andrew
Worth Matravers Dorset Worth Matravers: St Aldhelm
Worth Matravers Dorset Worth Matravers: St Nicholas of Myra
Worton Wiltshire Worton: Christ Church
Wraxall Dorset Wraxall: St Mary
Wyke Regis Dorset Wyke Regis: All Saints
Wylye Wiltshire Wylye: St Mary the Virgin
Yatesbury Wiltshire Yatesbury: All Saints
Yetminster Dorset Yetminster: St Andrew
Zeals Wiltshire Zeals: St Martin
Blackmore Vale
C'dral, Unkn or Extra-Paroch
Poole and North Bournemouth