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From the Rector


Finding the Way

With the shocking terror attacks at the Charlie Hebdo Paris offices rightly at the centre of world news these past couple of weeks, the discussion that gripped the radio as I drove to Saffron Walden one morning did seem somewhat ridiculous and trivial. Is ‘gaming’ a sport the producer asked? What is gaming you may well ask; gaming is the playing of electronic games via an Xbox or similar, often on-line, that teenagers and many adults spend hours playing. Of course ‘gaming’ is not a sport I shouted back at the radio, but the discussion and argument that followed didn’t wholly agree with me. 68% of the people who responded on-line believe that ‘gaming’ should be recognised as a sport. Did you know that many ‘gamers’ practice for ten hours a day, have coaches helping them improve, strict rules to govern their games with referees and so on? Well I didn’t! 

So what is sport I found myself asking? The Oxford dictionary tells us sport is ‘an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment’. But I also learned that some think tennis is not a sport! Confused? Well I am, the constant re-defining of things to make them suit our thinking is definitely a challenge of our time.

Why am I writing about this? I believe this constant desire to re-define things doesn’t stop with sport but challenges almost any subject that gets in it’s way. As a Vicar over the past twenty years, I have noticed a huge shift away from the desire to discover ‘truth’ in our search to know God, to a very different discussion shaped by our various opinions according to what seems ‘true’ to ‘us’. God becomes what we want Him to be. This may seem a good thing but is somewhat flawed I think. Imagine getting lost and you stop to ask the way. There are three well meaning people who all think they know the way, but each offers a very different route and only one is right. However well meaning the different opinions are, don’t you want to know which one is right? I do. Yes I still believe there is such a thing as ultimate truth. Directions that get us to our destination and directions that get us to God. Why not come and join us at St. Mary’s as we search for this truth together. Ready to find more than interesting opinions. Ready to find the living God who we believe has revealed himself fully in His Son Jesus Christ through the Bible. The test of such a belief is a life changing encounter with God. Imagine finding that!

Alan Comfort, Rector


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Rev. Alan Comfort
The Vicarage,
Kents Lane
Herts SG12 1RJ
01920 318864 (Rev Alan Comfort) or 01920 821281 (Administrator [email protected])

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St Mary : High Street, Off A120, Standon, Hertfordshire, SG11 1LA


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