Parish Vision and Goals

Vision for Holy Trinity and Christ the King

-  the next five years: (Arising out of the consultation and PCC away day 2014.)

What we see ourselves as or seek to be:    Worshipping, caring, loving, sharing: inviting all.

(We have sought to avoid religious & pretentious language)

One year priorities:

1>     To run two Pilgrim courses and to encourage Parishioners to attend Cursillo/Retreat weekends.

2>     To develop and grow pastoral care group.

3>     To improve sound system with possible wifi and projection options.

4>     To Improve and renew signage at Holy Trinity (High Street entrance particularly)

5>     To expand catering and working party corps and after consulting friends to plan regular social events through the year.

6>     To find new PCC secretary, deputy warden and Church warden.

7>     With retirement of Elaine Ryan and Valerie Lines to review Trinity Magazine and decide on its future form.


Longer term (5 year) Goals:

1>    To deepen current worship and spirituality and to develop other types of worship more accessible to those on the fringes.

2>    Encourage a variety of types of small groups to develop out of courses.

3>    To harvest and Nurture new Christians and to grow and involve new leaders.

4>    To move church office from vicarage to Holy Trinity

5>    To develop loft area above Church room