Parish Task Teams

Task Teams assist the P.C.C. with the work of the Parish. They are conprised of P.C.C. members and other members of the congregations.

Co-ordination and Planning
Responibility: Facilitate the arrangement of events and co-ordinate the church calendar. Ensuring events are evenly scheduled, cater for all and are properly resourced. Work for good publicity and communications.

Responibility: Holy Trinity church building, ornaments and churchyard.
Contact: Church Wardens

Responibility: Setting annual budgets. Monitoring income and expenditure against budget. Financial element of stewardship. Recommending fund raising needs. Specific financial needs.
Contact: John Morgan (SL)

Youth and Children
Responibility: To minister to all young people up to the age of 17 in regard to their Christian faith development and social interaction. Contact: Sue Thomas

Faith Development and Discipleship
Responibility: Oversight and implementation of various faith development programmes for adults, especially the EMMAUS series and Bible Study groups.
Contact:  Brian Hardwick
Team Members: Joan Layzell; Alan Allmark; Karen Crowhurst; Joyce Hardwick

Pattern of services. Ensuring worship needs are considered. Making good use of resources. Responding to synodical and legal requirements (e.g. introducing the new lectionary).

Christ the King
Responsibility: Matters specific to Christ the King. Note: The Joint Church Council is responsible for the fabric of the church of Christ the King.
Contact: Anne Price