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Town County Church Map
Abbeydore Herefordshire Holy Trinity & St Mary (Dore Abbey)
Almeley Herefordshire Almeley: St Mary
Ashford Bowdler Shropshire Ashford Bowdler: St Andrew
Ashford Carbonell Shropshire Ashford Carbonell: St Mary Magdalene
Bacton Herefordshire St Faith
Brimfield Herefordshire St Michael
Bucknell South Shropshire Bucknell: St Mary
Burford Shropshire Burford: St Mary
Byford Herefordshire St John the Baptist
Clifford Herefordshire Clifford: St Mary
Clungunford Shropshire Clungunford: St Cuthbert
Cradley Herefordshire Cradley: St James the Great
Credenhill Herefordshire Credenhill: St Mary
Croft Herefordshire St Michael & All Angels
Dilwyn & Stretford Herefordshire St Mary
Eye Herefordshire Eye: St Peter & St Paul
Eyton Herefordshire All Saints
Ford Herefordshire Ford: St John of Jerusalem
Ford Shropshire Ford: St Michael
Halford Shropshire Halford: St Thomas
Hamnish Herefordshire St Dubricius & All Saints
Hampton Bishop Herefordshire Hampton Bishop: St Andrew
Hatfield Herefordshire Hatfield: St Leonard
Hereford Herefordshire Hereford Cathedral
Hereford Herefordshire Hereford: All Saints
Hereford Herefordshire Hereford: Holy Trinity
Hereford Herefordshire Hereford: St Barnabas Church Centre
Hereford Herefordshire Hereford: St James
Hereford Herefordshire Hereford: St John the Baptist
Hereford Herefordshire Hereford: St Martin
Hereford Herefordshire Hereford: St Nicholas
Hereford Herefordshire Hereford: St Peter w St Owen
Hereford Herefordshire Holmer w Huntington: St Mary Magdalene
Hereford Herefordshire Holmer: St Bartholomew
Hereford Herefordshire Holmer: St Mary
Hereford Herefordshire St Giles Chapel
Hereford Herefordshire Tupsley: St Paul
Hope-under-Dinmore Herefordshire St Mary the Virgin
Humber Herefordshire St Mary the Virgin
Ivington Herefordshire St John
Kimbolton Herefordshire St James the Great
Kings Caple Herefordshire Kings Caple: St John the Baptist
Leysters Herefordshire St Andrew
Little Birch Herefordshire St. Mary's Church
Little Hereford Herefordshire Little Hereford: St Mary Magdalene
Llanwarne Herefordshire Llanwarne: Christ Church
Ludford Shropshire Ludford: St Giles
Middleton-on-the-Hill Herefordshire St Mary the Virgin
Monkland Herefordshire All Saints
Mordiford Herefordshire Mordiford: Holy Rood
Orleton Herefordshire St George
Pitchford Shropshire Pitchford: St Michael & All Angels
Pudleston Herefordshire St Peter
Quatford Shropshire Quatford: St Mary Magdalene
St Margarets Herefordshire St Margaret's Herefordshire
Stanford Bishop Herefordshire Stanford Bishop: St James
Stoke Prior Herefordshire St Luke
Tugford Shropshire Tugford: St Catherine
Walford Herefordshire Walford: St Michael & All Angels
Yarpole Herefordshire St Leonard