Church of England Diocese of Norwich Framingham Pigot

An Important notice from the Rector, Revd Chris Ellis

25 Jul 2021, 5 p.m.

An Important message from the Rector, Revd Chris Ellis, for those attending church services in the Thurton Benefice.

Although the UK Government have removed all legal restrictions on face coverings, distancing etc, the Church of England has issued its own guidelines for the parishes. They make it clear that we should be cautious and that the responsibility rests solely with the Incumbent. After consulting with Revd Cate and the churchwardens, I make the following requests for those attending public worship:

1) Face coverings to be worn in church unless directed otherwise by The Rector or the officiant at the service.

2) Hand sanitiser to be used on entering and leaving the church building.

3) Social distancing no longer needs to be maintained, but I suggest that a comfortable distance be kept and the personal space of others be respected.

4) Singing is now permitted provided face coverings are being worn. All to remain seated to sing.

5) The sharing of The Peace should continue without physical contact.

6) Holy Communion will continue to be by 'intinction' of the host in the wine by the celebrant, but communicants may now kneel at the altar rail, keeping a sensible space from those either side.

If you have any questions about these guidelines, do please contact me.

God bless,