Church of England Diocese of Norwich Lowestoft St. Andrew

Easing back from lockdown restrictions

25 Aug 2021, 5 p.m.
In doing this we have to hold some important facts in mind:
1. Covid has not gone away, nor the need for caution ended.
2. We have a number of people in church fellowship, and our families, who are vulnerable to infections and we must continue to do all that is necessary to safeguard them.
3. Locally there are still Covid deaths and the R value is still between 0.9 and 1.2 (higher in Harbour ward and Kirkley areas).

Holding these facts in mind, and knowing that we want to take some steps toward normality we have decided, commencing this Sunday, 29 August, to allow face masks to be removed when people are seated. Please note it is your choice whether to remove masks, or not, when seated. We would continue to advise that masks should be worn when moving about the church and that appropriate sanitizing measures be taken.

This will, of course, mean singing without masks will be possible and we will be grateful if we can continue the practice of being seated whilst singing.

We will, weather permitting, continue to sing our final hymn outside.

At present we have no plans to reintroduce refreshments after services.

1. Please do all that is necessary to keep yourself safe
2. In church you may remove your face mask when seated, if you choose to do so
3. Singing without face masks will be allowed - but we ask people to remain seated
If anything is unclear, or you are unsure about any of these changes, please ask.

We will keep the situation under review, but, at present, feel that these changes will be in force until the October half-term. 

With all best wishes,Damon