Church of England Diocese of Norwich Rushall

This Week

20 Nov 2020, 10 a.m.
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This week's highlights:

Sunday 22nd November
0930 Holy Communion - Pulham
St Mary
1100 5 Candles Service For Christ
The King - Thelveton
Monday 23rd November
2000 Compline - Contact Sarah for details
Tuesday 24th November
1930 Pulham Market - Bible Study
Contact Jaap Biersteker (01379 608539) for details
Friday 27th November
2000 Compline - Contact Sarah for details

A Message from our Rector, Sarah
This Sunday we come to the end of the ecclesiastical year with the feast of Christ the King. It is a relatively new celebration which started in around 1925, at a time in Europe after the First World War when fascism and dictatorships posed a serious threat. The festival which was inaugurated by Pope Pius XI was primarily intended to counter the claims of secularism by
holding up the model of Christ, as King of the Creation, whose just and gentle rule is supreme. This, of course, is something that is always at the centre of Christian faith, but it is important though to remember this again in a special celebration at the conclusion of the Christian year.

Reflecting once again on the supreme Kingship of Christ gives hope and peace especially in these days of uncertainty about the health of our nation and the economic difficulties so many are facing. As we turn too to Advent let us keep hold of wonder and joy of Christ’s Kingship who holds us all safely in His loving hands of safety.

The run up to Christmas this year will be different, but I hope and pray that you will find time for spiritual nourishment and encouragement through reflection and prayer. If you have a little extra time on your hands and want to be creative, then
perhaps you may like to make an Advent spice wreath. What you need to make it is listed below.

May Christ the King enrich your lives in every way and may God bless you this week. Please do keep in touch with one another and if you would like a chat then I am always happy to hear from you.

God bless Sarah
Advent Spice Wreath
Oranges, Apples, Large embroidery needle, Twine, Cinnamon Sticks, Whole bay leaves

Download the pewslip for instructions on how to proceed.