Church of England Diocese of Norwich Rushall

This Week

28 Jan 2021, 10 a.m.
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This week's highlights:

Sunday 31st January:  0930 Benefice Communion Meeting ID: 856 4755 6135 Passcode: 789334
Monday 1st February: 2000 Compline - Meeting ID: 847 1764 9900 Passcode: 989136
Tuesday 2nd February: 0800 Morning Prayer - Meeting ID: 811 6596 2529 Passcode: 500486
1400 Guided Meditation Meeting ID: 901 745 1483 Passcode: 7HWk4r
1930 Pulham Market - Bible Study Contact Jaap Biersteker (01379 608539) for details
Thursday 4th February: 1930 Alpha Course - see John Adlam for details
Friday 5th February: 2000 Compline - Meeting ID: 852 0102 4648 Passcode: 614647

A Message from our Rector

At the beginning of February I always look forward to seeing the snowdrops which start to appear in my garden. These delicate little white flowers are a welcome sight signifying the beginning of spring and longer and warmer days to come. If one looks carefully at the flowers they look rather like upside down candles and so traditionally they have been used for celebrations of Candlemas which we will be celebrating this Sunday.

Candlemass commemorates the ritual purification of Mary, marks the ritual presentation of the baby Jesus to God in the
Temple at Jerusalem. Many churches also used the occasion to bless all the Church’s candles which is why it became known as Candlemas.

On Candlemas night, many people place lighted candles in their windows at home. Many people too believed that Candlemas predicted the weather for the rest of the winter and the following poem was often recited:

If Candlemas Day be fair and bright, Winter will have another fight.
If Candlemas Day brings cloud and rain,Winter won’t come again (Traditional)

We live in a world now where superstitions are not so believable but one key message about February and the snowdrops is that spring is definitely on its way which to many is a massive relief from the cold and dark winter nights.

I hope you get chance to admire the snowdrops and let’s hope that the weather will warm up soon and we will be able to enjoy the miracle of the blossoming of spring. Hope you all have a good week and as always please do get in touch in you would like a chat.
God bless