Church of England Diocese of Norwich East and West Harling

Latest Safety Guidance

19 Jul 2021, 6:45 p.m.


As from today, Monday, 19th July there will be NO Government restrictions in place regarding Covid 19 in England. However, we realise that not everyone who visits our church, for whatever reason, will be at ease with this, especially as Covid infections are increasing dramatically each day. Therefore we respectfully ask you all to bear this in mind & be aware of anyone who wishes to continue to follow all, or at least some, of the safety procedures that have previously been in place.

Our clergy & churchwardens would like everyone to continue to sanitise their hands before entering the church & when approaching the altar to receive Communion. For the present, the Sacrament will continue to be administered in both kinds (for those who wish) by simultaneous administration, where the President will dip each wafer in the cup of wine & then be dropped into each communicants hands. 

For those of you who would still like to be socially distanced when seated, certain pews will be allocated. If you wish to participate in congregational singing please, for the time being, wear a mask to inhibit any droplets that could be dispersed, particularly if you are close to other people.

After any service please continue to greet & chat to each other outside, weather permitting, in the fresh air, rather than collecting at the back of the church.

If anyone has any concerns or worries do please let the churchwardens know. We want everyone to feel at ease as we slowly, steadily & safely, in the weeks ahead, gradually reduce these restrictions, & hopefully get back to more normality.