Church of England Diocese of Norwich Colkirk with Oxwick and Pattesley

Easter Resurrection of Church Services!

1 Mar 2021, midnight

In it Together…

See Services and events tab then Calendar for the resumption - with poetic timing - of April Church Services from Easter Day, the day of the resurrection story. Social restrictions remain in place as per official guidelines until further notice.

Globally there are the big issues of illness, premature demise, compromised bereavement process, health and care workers at risk and run ragged, and countless number hurt economically and with all the stress that goes with that.

But there lies before us all a golden opportunity, a spiritual prompt perhaps, to think more globally, to be more aware than ever before of the one family of humanity, the one global village, the one and only spaceship Earth on which we travel through the universe as one onboard community. The virus does not discriminate over nationality, neither should we in our response to it, our cooperative, compassionate striving for recovery and stability. Perhaps at the same time there is an implicit invitation to set our collective sight on a more earnest and effective respect for the planet and its fragile ecosystem at large. Long-term survival not just for humanity per se but for planet Earth in all its intricate complexity.

Revd Robin Stapleford, Benefice Rector