Church of England Diocese of Norwich Fulmodestone w Croxton

Church Report 2018

Christ Church, Fulmodeston NR21 0LZ

Annual Church Report on the activities of the PCC for the year ending 31st December 2018 prepared by the Churchwarden, Andrew Lee on behalf of the Priest in Charge, The Revd. Francis Mason

Churchwarden: Andrew Lee

Bank: NATWEST Fakenham

Treasurer – Robert Smith

Independent Examiner: John Davies

PCC Members: Alan Heath, Christopher Sharpin, Elizabeth Sadler, Gillian Lee, James Woodfield, Stephen Miles

Secretary: Carolyn Thomas

Christ Church, Fulmodeston is ‘Committed to Growth’. Mission Statement: To continue to provide cohesion and a focal point to the local working rural community and to use the church building for as many services and special events as possible, including concerts, art fairs, book sales, lectures, etc., as part of the church’s outreach both to the locality and beyond. To provide all the above free at the point of entry so that anyone may be included and contribute to the work of the church both in religious and secular activity. To help all feel needed and valued and to provide in a considerate and compassionate way for Baptisms, Marriages and Funerals.

2018 - The congregation of Christ Church, Fulmodeston has worked tirelessly throughout the year to raise funds in order to play its full part in diocesan life and pay the Quota in full as part of its agreed responsibility in conjunction with its sister church at Fakenham. We continue to work closely with Francis Mason and Reader, Amanda Sands, in an atmosphere of mutual respect and friendship.

Christ Church has mounted forty-three services this year, with others held jointly at the Fulmodeston Methodist Chapel. Although regular services are from the Book of Common Prayer, a number have been in modern language, including Iona Pentecost Service, Harvest Festival, Good Friday Liturgy, Mothering Sunday, Carol Service. The average attendance during the year for the purpose of Statistics for Mission was 16. There have been a number of events mounted by the church as part of its outreach to the community. These are listed in the appendix to this report.

The regular monthly house group continues to meet. Members share a time of fellowship with colleagues and friends from St Mary’s Church, Barney, the Fulmodeston Chapel and from elsewhere in the area. Currently, there are contributions from five Christian traditions, all living within the Fulmodeston Civil Parish. Ecumenism in Fulmodeston is alive and well with both the Church and Chapel offering chances for all to meet in an inclusive atmosphere. Highlights of such events were the Christian Unity Service, the Harvest Festival and the Carol Service.

Charitable donations in 2017 were made to E.A.C.H, The Royal British Legion, The Poppy Factory and Water Aid. Donations of produce are being collected in the church in aid of the Mid Norfolk Foodbank. At least 100 kilos were collected in 2018. Harvest produce was taken to Heritage House Day Care Centre.Through a private donation, Christ Church has made a second payment of £250 towards the drive to provide AEDs (defibrillators) for both Barney and Fulmodeston through the ‘Mission Budget’.

The Benefice Quota has been paid in full and the church is committed to paying the 2019 request. The rise in insurance costs and the quota are a continual challenge. Managing the need to raise funds whilst providing outreach and a spiritual centre for the village is a difficult balancing act.

The PCC met four times under the Chairman and Lay Vice-Chair with a good turnout at each meeting. We are grateful for the careful stewardship of church funds by treasurer Robert Smith. Thanks to Carolyn Thomas for her work as the PCC Secretary. Thanks also to John Davies for serving as the independent Examiner.

There have been regular reports from the Deanery Synod, where appropriate.

The ‘A Church Near You’ website continues to provide valuable information about the church and its activities, and Christ Church has a page on the Fakenham parish church website and also a page in the Beacon magazine. These provide wonderful avenues of communication and advertising for church events. Thanks to Linda Frost for her help with the Beacon page.

Thanks to the ‘sidesmen’ who are always present to greet the congregation with a smile. A debt of gratitude is owed to Gwen Chapman who keeps an eye on the church and also to Neceda and James Woodfield who open and lock the church on a daily basis so that Christ Church is always open form dawn till dusk.

Gillian Lee, Neceda & James Woodfield, with Elizabeth Sadler, have been instrumental in organising and preparing the refreshments which are now served regularly after some services in the church. Thank also go to James and Neceda for arranging a quiz night on Remembrance weekend in aid of Christ Church.

Thanks to Alan Heath for providing music at services and to Stephen Miles for helping to prepare the structure and content of the worship at Christ Church in conjunction with Francis and Amanda.

Special thanks to Chris Sharpin for his care of the churchyard which always looks tidy and well kept and is a wonderful focal point for the village. The church bell would not sound so good if it were not for his skillful knowledge of campanology!

We would also like to thank our Methodist friends for continuing to provide us with a voice in the village newsletter free of charge and for working with us to meet for several ‘United Services’ throughout the year.

In an ever increasing regulatory world, Christ Church seeks to fulfill all of it obligations concerning health and safety and safeguarding. We are grateful to Dave Webb for checking all of the electrical equipment.

Highlights of a full year of community events were: ‘Coffee at the Crossroads’ for the visibility of church activity in the village; the visit of the Purcell School Impulse Outreach Team; Tale Dolce Musica concert; the Christmas Carol Service, with a reception, which drew the largest ever congregation for such an event.

The Remembrance Service for the centenary commemoration of the Armistice drew a very large congregation, with representatives of all the services being present and taking part. We are grateful to Brigadier Richard Heywood for his address and to Eddie Goodridge for his talk on his army dog ‘Slug’.

Lastly, thanks to Heather Schofield for the Learning Corner for children of all ages which is regularly updated to link with the themes of the church year.

It has been good to welcome those who are new to the vicinity to the church and also from Fakenham.

Andrew Lee– Churchwarden January 1st 2019


Christ Church, Fulmodeston Services & Events 2018


7   3.00pm Evening Prayer

14 11.00am Holy Communion

28 3.00pm Evening Prayer


4    3.00pm Evening Prayer

11 11.00am Holy Communion

25  4.00pm Evening Prayer


4   4.00pm Evening Prayer

11 11.00am Holy Communion – Mothering Sunday

25 6.30pmBST Evening Prayer - Palm Sunday

30 9.30am Good Friday Liturgy


1 10.30am Holy Communion – Easter Sunday

8 11.00am Holy Communion – Low Sunday

22 5.00pm Evening Prayer Earlier service time followed by Vestry APCM at 6.15pm

29 11.00am Morning Prayer


6   6.30pm Evening Prayer

13 11.00am Holy Communion

20 6.00pm Pentecost -Iona Service

27 6.30pm Evening Prayer


3   6.30pm Evening Prayer

10 11.00am Holy Communion

23 6.00pm Purcell School Concert

24 6.30pm Evening Prayer


1  6.30pm Evening Prayer

8 11.00am Holy Communion

15 No Service

22 6.30pm Evening Prayer

29 11.0am Matins

29 3.00pm Concert – Tale Dolce Musica


4 10.30am Coffee at the Crossroads

5 6.30pm Evening Prayers

12 11.00am Holy Communion

26 6.30pm Evening Prayer


2 6.30pm Evening Prayer

9 11.00am Holy Communion

23 6.30pm Evening Prayer

30 11.00am Matins


7 4.00pm Harvest Festival

14 11.00am Holy Communion

28 3.00pm Evening Prayer


4 3.00pm Evening Prayer

11 10.50am Remembrance 1918 – 2018

25 3.00pm Evening Prayer


2 3.00pm Evening Prayer

9 11.00am Holy Communion

23 3.00pm Carol Service

25 10.30am Christmas Day Communion