Church of England Diocese of Norwich Great Ryburgh with Little Ryburgh and Testerton

Family History

Generally only contemporary (present and recent years) registers that are still in use, are kept in our churches. Historic registers of christenings / baptisms, weddings, and burials, are housed at the Norfolk Records Office at County Hall, Norwich. Follow the webpage link for the online list of parish registers available there to the public.

For anyone requesting of the Rector a search of registers that we do have at our churches, or an inspection of monumental inscriptions, on your behalf, it should be noted that there is a statutory fee for such a service, of £19 for the first hour or part thereof, and £16 for any subsequent hour or part thereof.
You are welcome to visit personally our churchyards and churches in order to study stone memorials and their inscriptions, provided of course this is carried out with respect for the sacred nature of the place, and the potential presence of other visitors who might be marking a bereavement.