Church of England Diocese of Norwich Heacham

Be a Tower of Strength

8 Apr 2021, midnight
<div>St Mary’s Church Heacham needs your urgent help:</div><div>Historical buildings like our parish church need a huge amount of work and resources to maintain them in good repair, to update them and keep them fit for purpose in these increasingly bureaucratic and technological times.</div><div>It costs more than £5000 per month to keep St Mary’s open and functioning. Thanks to our loyal fellowship much of this is being met, and we are truly grateful. </div><div>However, due to the pandemic we have not been able to hold fundraising activities and income has also been reduced as service type and capacity have been limited. So, we really need your support to help us reach this target.</div><div>Our urgent priority is for repairs to the church tower, with repair costs in the region of £25000.</div><div>Please help us to rebuild our church tower so that it can be a safe refuge for all in the years to come. </div><div>To find out more, click on the link below.</div><div></div><div>Or to go to our Just Giving page, click on the link below.</div><div></div>