Church of England Diocese of Hereford Farlow

Church Services in our Benefice for December

28 Nov 2020, 10 a.m.

Churches Open for Services: December 2020

6th December: Advent 2                 9 am Farlow Communion for Advent

                                                            4:30 pm Stottesdon Evening Prayer Advent

13th December: Advent 3             10:30 am Stottesdon Communion for Advent

                                                             4 pm Cleeton St Mary Communion for Advent

                                                             6:30 pm Silvington Evening Prayer for Advent

20th December: Advent 4              10:30 am Middleton Scriven Advent Communion

                                                             4 pm Sidbury Evening Prayer for Advent

24th December: Christmas Eve      4 pm Cleeton Christmas Service

                                                             6:30 pm Middleton Scriven Christmas Service

                                                            11:30 pm Stottesdon Midnight Communion

25th December: Christmas Day      9 am Farlow Christmas Service

                                                             10 am Silvington Christmas Service

                                                             10:30 am Sidbury Christmas Service

27th December:  St John                  10:30 am Holy Communion at Stottesdon

Churches Open for Private Prayer: December

Approximately 10 am to 4:30 pm:

Monday: Middleton Scriven

Tuesday: Cleeton St Mary

Wednesday: Farlow

Thursday: Silvington

Saturday: Sidbury

Sunday: Stottesdon

Morning Prayer will be read before opening and Evening Prayer after closing at the open church. If there is a Sunday service within three days before or after the private prayer day, that church will not be open for its private prayer day.