Church of England Diocese of Hereford How Caple

Coronavirus Closure

7 Apr 2020, noon

Ladies and gentlemen,

Please forgive the closure of How Caple church. This follows the government's strong advice that public gatherings cease as part of the effort to contain coronavirus. To close a church is no small step and we ache with longing to be back in our heaven-sent building, singing hymns, speaking prayers, seeing our neighbours. As soon as the emergency abates we hope that churches will be among the first places to reopen their creaky doors, dust away the cobwebs, throw wide windows and readmit zestful life. Meanwhile, let us look forward to holding a service of thanksgiving when life is back to something approaching normality. This has become the darkest of Lents and Easter's festival is likely to be delayed. We must perhaps try to pretend to be Russian orthodox!