Active Listening Area

We have an Active Listening Area during our 10am worship located in the South Aisle (next to the book stall). This is for anyone to use at any time during the service. By occupying your hands with creativity, you may find that your mind is more easily stilled or that it is easier to concentrate. Being present to God with more than just our minds can help us experience worship in a new way. There are pens, pencils, pastels and paints available. You might like to bring knitting, sewing or other quietly creative activities.

Here is what Clare said about it:

"I wondered what it would be like if I could occupy part of my brain with some creative expression while another part of my brain concentrated on the service.

It was wonderful.

As the readings and the sermon led my thoughts to baptism and water I was colouring blue, as we were addressing intercessions I was immersed in red and purple and when we were breaking bread I was lost in yellow. The simple finished picture became a meaningful summary of where the service had led my thoughts, my prayers and my worship. The experience itself was joyful. It felt holy; it felt moving."

Come and try it!