Church of England Diocese of Hereford Ludford

Remembrance Sunday

7 Nov 2020, 12:15 a.m.
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There seems to be a good deal of uncertainty about what will happen to the national commemoration on Sunday 8th November. 

As part of "Lockdown 2", H M Government has re-imposed the ban on public worship in churches - it is interesting to note that a lot of sport is not being subjected to the same restriction, which says much about the state of our nation nowadays.  This situation is anathema to our religious leaders, so the Archbishops, leaders of other Christian denominations and other faiths are doing their best to persuade the government to reconsider.

As things stand at present, under guidance issued not to the churches but to local authorities, Remembrance Sunday services will only be permitted if they are entirely outdoors, and provided they are safe, legal and risk-assessed, with no singing beyond the National Anthem and one other hymn or song. 

A form of service for Worship at Home but Together on Remembrance Sunday can be downloaded from the  right-hand column on this page.