Church of England Diocese of Hereford Ludford

Jam and Puddings

2 Jan 2020, 10 p.m.

Throughout 2019 there has been a succession of home-made produce on sale after services at St. Giles.  The year began with a range of marmalades, then moved through summer jams, and finished with Christmas puddings.  Everything has been made from ingredients sourced as locally as possible, in re-used jars and bowls; good wholesome food with no additives.  

Our Treasurer, Liz Woodall, who made it all, would like to thank everyone who bought from the porch stall this year, contributing to the splendid sum of £500 that it has raised for the church.  

It will all be done again in 2020 - there are already pre-orders for marmalade and a Christmas pudding!  Chutneys to go with cold meats and summer salads may also be available.  

Do come and buy from the church porch at 12.30ish on Sundays.  For those who cannot make it that far, a list of what is available will be published here, and Liz will take orders by 'phone or e-mail for collection or delivery at your convenience.