Church of England Diocese of Hereford Middleton Scriven

Churches Opening for Private Prayer

14 Jun 2020, 9 a.m.

Reopening of Churches for Private Prayer:

Benefice of Stottesdon with Farlow, Cleeton St Mary, Silvington, Sidbury and Middleton Scriven

Welcome Back!

As a first step in easing the lockdown on our churches, we are now permitted by the government to offer limited opening times of our churches for private prayer only. We are delighted that people will be able to come into their churches again, but need to make sure that everybody’s safety is protected. Therefore, each of our churches will be open for one day a week from 10 am to 5 pm for private prayer only. We have decided on this pattern of one day a week so that PCC members do not have to disinfect the church after it has been open, just make sure that it is reasonably clean and tidy! You will find that all books, candles etc have been stored away to minimise any risk of cross-infection.

The opening days will be as follows:

Sunday: Stottesdon

Monday: Middleton Scriven

Tuesday: Cleeton St Mary

Wednesday: Sidbury

Thursday: -

Friday: Silvington

Saturday: Farlow

I will go to each of these churches at 9:30 on the day it is open to read morning prayer as a private service, then open the church for 10 am. At 5 pm I will close the church and then read evening prayer, also as a private service: I am not allowed to offer public worship in the churches yet, but the Sunday services will still be available through e-mails, the Website and Facebook.

During the open time, please use the hand gel provided on your way in and on your way out of the church, and observe social distancing at all times with people from other households.

Mark Daborn