Church of England Diocese of Hereford Middleton Scriven

Morning and Evening Prayer

14 Nov 2020, 6:30 p.m.

November 15th – 22nd 2020: Morning and Evening Prayer


Heavenly Father, whose blessed Son was revealed to destroy the works of the devil and to make us the children of God and heirs of eternal life: grant that we, having this hope, may purify ourselves even as he is pure; that when he shall appear in power and great glory we may be made like him in his eternal and glorious kingdom; where he is alive and reigns with you, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, now and for ever. Amen.

At Morning Prayer, prayers will be said for the benefice, the deanery and the diocese. At Evening Prayer, prayers will be said for the six parishes in turn, as indicated on the readings list following, being the days those churches are open for private prayer:


MORNING PRAYER: Psalm 98; Daniel 10:19-end; Revelation 4.

EVENING PRAYER: Psalm 89:19-29; I Kings 1:15-40; Revelation 1:4-18

MONDAY 16th November: Middleton Scriven (Margaret of Scotland, 1093; Archbishop Edmund Rich, 1240)

MORNING PRAYER: Psalm 47; Daniel 8:1-14; Revelation 10.

EVENING PRAYER: Psalm 71; Isaiah 9:8-10:4; Matthew 7:1-12.

TUESDAY 17th November: Cleeton St Mary (Hugh of Lincoln, 1200)

MORNING PRAYER: Psalm 52; Daniel 8:15-end; Revelation 11:1-14.

EVENING PRAYER: Psalm 67; Isaiah 10:5-19; Matthew 7:13-end.

WEDNESDAY 18th November: Farlow (Elizabeth of Hungary, 1231)

MORNING PRAYER: Psalm 56; Daniel 9:1-19; Revelation 11:15-end.

EVENING PRAYER: Psalm 73; Isaiah 10:20-32; Matthew 8:1-13.

THURSDAY 19th November: Silvington (Hilda of Whitby, 680)

MORNING PRAYER: Psalm 62; Daniel 9:20-end; Revelation 12.

EVENING PRAYER: Psalm 76; Isaiah 10:33-11:9; Matthew 8:14-22.

FRIDAY 20th November: (Edmund, King of the East Angles, 870)

MORNING PRAYER: Psalm 63; Daniel 10:1-11:1; Revelation 13:1-10.

EVENING PRAYER: Psalm 77; Isaiah 11:10-12:end; Matthew 8:23-end.

SATURDAY 21st November: Sidbury

MORNING PRAYER: Psalm 68; Daniel 12; Revelation 13:11-end.

EVENING PRAYER: Psalm 66; Isaiah 13:1-13; Matthew 9:1-17.

CHRIST THE KING 22nd November: Stottesdon

MORNING PRAYER: Psalm 29; Isaiah 4:2-5:7; Luke 19:29-38.

EVENING PRAYER: Psalm 93; II Samuel 23:1-7; Mathew 28:16-end.